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Papermate 70626: White Pearl Eraser (50071641706267)

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Latex Free Erasers? They Are More Popular Than You Might Think.

Dec 7, 2007
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Pros:Bold white color, latex free, beveled edges, strong construction.

Cons:A little more expensive than Pink Pearl or the kneaded varieties.

The Bottom Line: Looking for a latex free eraser? PaperMate has just the product for you!

I don't have a latex allergy but I do have several relatives that are latex sensitive. To me that would be a crippling thing since I come in contact with latex products on an almost daily basis. I never stopped to think of how hard is must be to do something as simple as erase a mistake off of a piece of paper. Unless you use a specialty product like the PaperMate EraserStik so your hands are never in contact with the eraser, you are pretty much doomed. Even if you can avoid touching the eraser you will surely come in contact with the eraser grit that happens when you erase something.

PaperMate White Pearl Latex Free Eraser

The biggest difference between this and a regular eraser from PaperMate or parent company Sanford is that it is completely free of natural or synthetic latex compounds. This makes it slightly harder than regular erasers but that means that it will last a little loner if you aren't a heavy handed person when erasing things. This can be used on any type of paper including cardboard, textured surfaces, velum, construction paper, copy bond, cardstock and even basic things like notebooks. Will it tear paper? If you use it with a little care you shouldn't have any problems with it ripping or tearing paper.

One of the coolest things about this is that it has the same nifty shape of the Pink Pearl. The edges are slanted so you can work on tight areas without erasing the wrong thing. You can use the eraser from any angle or edge. The ink on the eraser will not smudge off or transfer to paper if you happen to go half way through it and spin it on to the face of it. This is an eraser that I use in the winter when my hands are feeling the effects of shoveling snow and they are chapped and sore. Maybe I am at the onset of having a full blown latex allergy; maybe my hands are just overly sensitive due to the cold weather. Since they do cost a little more than regular erasers I make sure to hide them or the brood will whip through them in record time.

Hospitals are another place that order and use a lot of latex free office supplies. Some people have extreme reactions to anything with latex in it. I am not saying that all hospitals, units, floors or stations will use these exclusively but hospitals that treat a lot of latex sensitive people are starting to look at all products that could possibly come in contact with patients. We have these are the shop but they are rarely used. There are a few electric erasers that the artists use when they need to do heavy modifications to a design. I think out of the six that I took there, two of them have been used but it is nice to know that if a customer comes in and says that he is latex sensitive or allergic to latex we can work on their art without worrying that they will have a reaction. [We also have latex free gloves, masks and gun wraps].

The latex free erasers are also great for schools to stock and use; sometimes kids won't know that they are latex sensitive or it may be something that happens out of the blue [you can develop a reaction or sensitivity to anything at any time without warning]. If I were a teacher I would have these on hand for kids to use regardless of the price difference. They are nicer to work with and you can see when the eraser needs to be cleaned or wiped off. Outside of the slightly higher price these are just as good as the Pink Pearl erasers for art, drawing, sketching or drafting.

These are usually sold in a three pack for about two dollars; if you order from specialty sites that cater to those with latex allergies you might be able to get a sweet price break if you are willing to buy in larger quantities. Are they worth it? If you are allergic to latex they are but there are so many other reasons why a white eraser is nice to have around. If you are working with colors and the Pink Pearl is the same shade it might be hard to tell when it needs cleaned. Likewise, Crayola Water Color Pencils and varying shades of lead are easier to spot on a white eraser than they are on a kneaded or colored one.

The Bottom Line

PaperMate and Sanford are heavy hitters in the world of office supplies and products. I never stopped to consider the number of people that are allergic to latex products or the number of things that contain latex. I am continually impressed with how this White Pearl works on different types of paper and the amount of use I can get from it before it needs to be replaced. As I said, I mostly use this in the winter but will use it at other times during the year if I need to remove lighter colors from paper or don't want to take the risk of a pink or colored eraser leaving a tint behind.

As always, thanks for the visit…

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