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Papermate Flexgrip Ultra Ball Pen Black Ink Medium Point (041540963011)

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Flex Your Grip With PaperMate's Awesome Red FlexGrip Pen

Sep 17, 2006
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Pros:Smooth writing, nice ink color, inexpensive, comfortable.

Cons:FlexGrip texture can attract dirt and dust.

The Bottom Line: A disposable that writes just as well as those fancy schmancy expensive pens.

When it comes to pens with a comfort grip, there is no shortage to choose from. However, if you are looking for the least expensive in the disposable market then PaperMate's FlexGrip series is one that you definitely need to check out. Not only are they super comfy to write with but the ink quality is a lot better than what you might expect from a pen that costs about a dollar. Even though I use black ink most of the time I do have the need for red ink when I am writing notes or I am correcting something. That need increases when I have to write over things that I've already made notes on so having the red ink lets me see the newest revisions without everything being garbled. Even though this is an inexpensive pen it is something that I recommend to anyone and everyone that has a need for a red ball point pen that writes smoothly, evenly and doesn’t leave clumps of ink everywhere. Outside of buying the more expensive refillable pens, these are one of the few that I recommend to people who are looking for something comfortable to write with and have exceptional line quality.

PaperMate FlexGrip Red Ball Point Pen

The only way that PaperMate could make this a better pen would be to have it with a retractable point instead of a cap. If that is the only negative to it then you know that it is something that is more than worth checking out. Sure the rubber comfort grip on the barrel can attract a little bit of dust and dirt but that is something that plagues every pen and pencil on the market that features this perk. Even so, having something that is easy to write with an comfortable, you can learn to live with the grit that finds it way to attaching itself to your pen. One thing that I insist on when picking out pens is that the tip doesn't drag or scratch across the paper. It's not just the scratching sound that it makes that drives me crazy; it’s the uneven lines and skipping that usually occur along with it. Thankfully all of the pens in the FlexGrip and FlexGrip Ultra line are free of such unpleasantries.

The average life of a FlexGrip Ultra in this house is about two months. That might not sound like a lot but when the boys are using them for school, they are really put through their paces. When one of them was having trouble with someone in his homeschooling group always asking to borrow his notes, he decided to teach him a little lesson. He agreed to let him borrow his notes, notes that he had made with red ink. When he went to photocopy them most of what was written was illegible because as we all know, red ink is one of the worst colors to try and photocopy with. The kid finally got the point, do your own work. There have been times when I've written with this pen for hours and have never had any hand cramps from it. It is rare that I use a red pen for hours on end but when I have a lot of writing or revising to do and a red pen is necessary, chances are that I'll grab one of these to work with.

One of the biggest complaints about pens like this is that after you use them for a while they get sweaty or feel gummy. Part of that is because of the comfort grip that covers the entire barrel of the pen so it is something that you of have to 'deal with' but in my opinion it is a small price to pay. You get a comfortable write with this but it is really helpful to move it around a little from time to time. This gives your fingers a break and lets them come in contact with a different section of the pen for a while. This is not a soft comfort grip, it is there to give you a little bit of cushion but it isn't something that you can press on and feel any movement. For students or those that write a lot, this is an economical option that delivers a nice clear, crisp line every single time you pick it up and use it.

The Bottom Line

You can find these at most office supply stores as well as places like Target and Wal-Mart for about a dollar a piece, less if you purchase the multi packs. Even though the red ones don't get used all that often, when there is a need for them they are used heavily. I wish that there was some way to reduce the amount of lint and dust that gets attracted to the barrel but in my opinion, it's not that big of a deal when you consider the writing quality that you get from the pen itself. If you liked the way that the Comfort Mate and regular FlexGrip pens write then you are going to fall in love with the way that the FlexGrip Ultra performs. And hey, if you aren’t happy with it, PaperMate will refund your purchase price or offer you a replacement. The only way PaperMate could sweeten that deal is if they gave them away to start with!

As always, thanks for the visit…

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