Papermate Paper Mate Eagle Rubber Gripper Ballpoint Pen (PAP1734724) Reviews

Papermate Paper Mate Eagle Rubber Gripper Ballpoint Pen (PAP1734724)

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PaperMate Eagle Grip: A Basic Stick Pen That Writes Like A Champ

May 22, 2008 (Updated May 22, 2008)
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Pros:Smooth writing, inexpensive, great for kids, long lasting, comfortable.

Cons:Not refillable, medium point might not be fine enough for some people.

The Bottom Line: The Eagle Grip is a nice bump up from the regular Eagle ballpoint but it might be a little too thick for some people.

Over the years I have bought and used a lot of PaperMate products; for the most part they have all been great and lasted longer than expected. When the school year started I saw some new PaperMate pens at Target and decided to give them a try. The Eagle was the first one that I picked out and at ten to a pack for .88 cents I wasn't all that sure about how well they would write. For all intents and purposes, their write quality is a dead ringer for the Bic Cristal Grip. The barrels aren't as strong as the Cristal but for about a dollar a pack when they aren’t on sale they were hard to pass up. The Eagle Grip is the same style pen only with a rubber comfort grip area near the tip. If you are looking for an economical pen for your home or office and want something that will allow you to write without hand cramps, the Eagle Grip is the pen for you.

PaperMate Eagle Grip Ballpoint Pen

If you have the choice between the Eagle and Eagle Grip, go for the grip version. They only cost about ten cents more per pack and you can write for so much longer with them. I almost always buy pens that have black ink and these are no exception, the blue and red ones are nice but they just aren’t something that I use all that often. I did get a package of the red and blue for the brood and for Tommy [a fierce user of blue ink] but for me, the black ones are the ones that see the most use in my office as well as at the shop. Thankfully PaperMate stuck with their extra dark ink for these; I hate pens that are supposed to write black but come off looking washed out or faded. The ink does dry relatively fast for a ballpoint pen but there have been times when it has smudged if I slid the bottom side of my hand over it right after writing with it.

How does this compare to other disposable ballpoint pens? Well the fact that it has a rubber comfort grip does earn it points. The feel of the barrel is of a lower quality than those that have a hard plastic shell to them but there is an upside to that. They will tolerate a lot more use and abuse without breaking. Dropped pens and the wheels of chairs are the number one cause of 'pen death' at the shop. With a ballpoint that isn’t too bad but when it comes to felt tip and gel pens, it can cause a huge mess if you aren't aware that you just cracked one in half. It's lightweight so writing with it is effortless but the frosted look of the pen does give it a slightly cheesy look. The cap, well, I hate most cap pens because the caps fall off or get lost. The ones for the Eagle Grip are nice but until PaperMate comes up with some type of GPS system for them, they will always get misplaced on my desk. Since this is a ballpoint there is less of a chance of it causing a mess inside a backpack or book bag if the cap comes off; markers, gels pens and felt tip pens will end up getting ink all over everything.

To get the best write from this it's advisable to have some extra sheets of paper under it. That way you get that nice thick line from it, likewise, if you are writing on something hard like a desktop, your line will be slightly thinner but it will still have the same dark hue. These are suitable for writing out notes or anything that may get photocopied in the future. Things that I wrote months and months ago in notebooks still have the same dark black appearance to them. These are also great if you have to write on multi layered pages or with carbon paper; the ballpoint lets you press hard so that all the pages get a good solid impression. You can get these for around $1.25 a pack depending on where you are shopping; the regular Eagle pens are about a quarter less but if you want something that is going to let you write for long periods of time without cramps or indents in your fingers, the Eagle Grip is the better pick.

The Bottom Line

Even though I use the black ones most of the time, the red and blue ink versions of the Eagle Grip are also nice to write with. The medium point might be a little too thick for some people who are used to a razor fine point but for a ballpoint, this isn't a bad pen at all. These are also great for students who always seem to lose pens; because they come ten to a pack they can lose a few here or there and still have a handful of them in reserve. These aren’t as cost effective as going with a bulk box of a store name brand but you are getting that really nice comfort grip, dark ink and flexible but cheesy looking barrel. If you are looking for a solid and well made disposable pen with a comfort grip and long ink life then the Eagle Grip makes for a great pick!

As always, thanks for the visit…

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