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The software application for the forgetful mind

Jan 18, 2011 (Updated Jan 18, 2011)
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Pros:Comes in very handy, easy to burn boot CD/DVD, easy to reset password.

Cons:The sometimes required BIOS boot setting change may appear intimidating to less technical people.

The Bottom Line:

Not being able to login to your own computer is a bummer. Unless you are a hacker you need Password Unlocker (or similar software). This is well spent $19.95.

The first time I bought and used this software was when I had forgotten the administrative password for my daughter's Windows Vista desktop. I thought I knew the password, but somehow I could not login and it prevented us from installing software on her computer (her user account did not have administrative rights). She was mad at me but Password Unlocker came to the rescue.

Password Unlocker allows you to reset the Administrative password on windows computers without you knowing the password. Well, unless the computer features some other protections like a hard-disk password (then you must know that). This application could potentially be used to break into other people's computers, but that is illegal, and that is not what this application is intended for. When you purchase it you agree to use it for legal purposes.

About Password Unlocker Standard Edition

There are three different versions, Standard, Pro, and Enterprise. I only needed Standard which allows you to create a boot disk (CD/DVD), which you can use to reset the administrative password and user account passwords on Windows-7, Vista, XP, and ME computers. The Pro version allows you to also create bootable USB drives and also works for Windows server 2003/2008. The Enterprise version allows you to reset domain passwords as well. I can add that the web site (see below) also sells other password unlocking software for Office files, internet and data bases.

I can add that Password Unlocker Standard Edition costs $19.95 and they offer a one month free trial. Web site:

Using Password Unlocker

1. First you download Password Unlocker on any computer and then you use it to burn a bootable DVD or a CD.

2. Assuming that the computer you are locked out from is booting from DVD/CD by default you simply insert the CD/DVD you burned and let the computer boot from it.

3. A screen will appear which allows you to select the user account. After selecting account press the "Reset" button.

4. Next time you login it will ask you for a new password (write it down).

If the computer does not boot from DVD/CD by default you have to change the BIOS settings. During start up press the appropriate button. It is F2 on my daughter's computer but it might be "Delete" on yours. When you see "BIOS setup", use the arrow keys to select "Boot", then "Boot Device Priority", then "CDROM", then F10 for save. You might want to change it back afterwards if you don't like CD/DVD boot to be default.

Summary of Experience

The first time I used it on my daughter's computer I hade to change the boot priority. Still the entire operation took less than ten minutes. I've used the same boot disk several times and without it I would have been toast. The $19.95 was well spent.

Finally I would like to say thank you to Bob (pvreditor) for adding this entry to epinions.


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