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Pedialyte For children, adults and DOGS, too!

Jul 30, 2000 (Updated Jan 18, 2001)
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Pros:easy to use, my child likes the taste, much better than Gatorade or soda!


The Bottom Line: I recommend using Pedialyte to help prevent dehydration when suffering from frequent vomiting and/or diarrhea. It helped make my daughter feel better shortly after she ate it!

When my 2 ˝ year old daughter woke up one recent morning, proclaiming to me in a rather indignant voice that she “spit my bed”, then proceeded to try to do the same thing all over ME, I wondered how long this particular tummy bug was going to last. It soon became apparent that this was a rather unforgiving virus that she had contracted. She vomited every 15 minutes all during that morning. I was concerned about her possibly becoming dehydrated due to losing so much of her bodily fluids. On top of that, our weather has been rather hot lately and I was unable to keep the least amount of water in her little upset tummy.

My Sister-In-Law, who was staying with us at the time, suggested that we try Pedialyte to keep her hydrated. I have to admit that I was skeptical at first since I had never used the stuff. I was also worried that my daughter would not even like it and I would be forced to toss out the remainder of the product. Then my Sister-In-Law told me that Pedialyte also comes in a freezer pop form and offered to go purchase a package for my sick daughter to try. I took her up on her offer and awaited her return. By this time my daughter was vomiting every half hour. Definitely an improvement, but I was still concerned about her becoming dehydrated since she is such a tiny 2 ˝ year old!

When my Sister-In-Law returned she put some of the Pedialyte Freezer Pops into our freezer. Less than an hour later, when my daughter hadn’t thrown up for almost an hour, we decided to try offering a freezer pop. She immediately brightened up once she began to nibble at it s l o w l y and 15 minutes later, when I was done feeding it to her (I was afraid that she felt so hungry that she would gobble it down and upset her little tummy again!) her color had returned as well as a smidgen of energy. That was a promising sign!

Half an hour later, when the Pedialyte Freezer Pop stayed in her tummy, I offered another one which she gladly accepted. The second freezer pop stayed down as well, much to my relief, so I offered a third one half an hour after that. It also stayed down!! My daughter was on her way to a full recovery!!

My mother was using a Pedialyte fruit flavored drink just a few days before my daughter was ill due to very frequent vomiting and diarrhea. (No, my daughter hadn’t contracted the illness my mother had, since we had not seen her since Christmas!) It DID help keep her hydrated and was the only thing that stayed in her stomach during her 3 day ordeal with her illness. However, she told me that the fruit flavored Pedialyte tasted sickeningly sweet and felt syrupy in her mouth. She added ice cubes to dilute it so that just the feel of it in her mouth would not make her begin to vomit again. I have told her about the freezer pops and my mother will keep those on hand in case my father comes down with that illness too.

Also, a month ago, two of my mother’s much-loved boxer dogs were intentionally poisoned with rat poison, which caused them to bleed internally, and gave them horrible diarrhea. During the course of their illness and recovery, her veterinarian told her to give the dogs liquid Pedialyte to help keep them hydrated. The dogs are now recovering, and between a LOT of expensive tests, medications and the Pedialyte they will survive.

I never knew such a simple product could be so versatile! What a surprise!!

Pedialyte products are available in liquid form and in a freezer pop form. Each Pedialyte Freezer Pop is 2.1 fluid ounces and there are four different flavors in each box of 16 freezer pops. The flavors are; grape, cherry, orange and blue raspberry and they taste just like most Popsicles that come inside a plastic sleeve like these do. (I tasted the third one before giving it to my daughter so that I would know how they taste!)

The Pedialyte Freezer Pops will keep for over a year in their box, after purchase, compared to the very short time that the liquid form can safely be kept once it has been opened. Of course, any of the pops that have been partially eaten must be discarded and will not keep!

Pedialyte is an oral electrolyte maintenance solution which is best used to help restore the fluids and minerals which are lost from diarrhea and vomiting. I am no longer a skeptic and will go for the Pedialyte the next time one of my family has a gastrointestinal problem like my daughter or mother did. I highly recommend it!

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