Pelonis Oil Filled Radiator Heater - HO-0201 Reviews

Pelonis Oil Filled Radiator Heater - HO-0201

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Pelonis Oil Filled Radiator Heater - HO-0201

Dec 5, 2009 (Updated Dec 5, 2009)
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Pros:Output of heat is very good, stylish, overall quality

Cons:None for me.  Made in China, maybe.

The Bottom Line:

Runs silently and works great!

Two years ago I needed a detached heater for a rather large room in the southern plantation house I was living in at the time.  The upstairs held the huge master bedroom with attached bath.  My main living quarters was downstairs to help control the heating bill.  I occupied one of the two downstairs bedrooms.  Heat was needed during the rare times I was upstairs so I shopped around for a heater which met my needs.

I actually found the Pelonis Oil Filled Radiator Heater at Target on sale for $28.  It was a good price so it landed in my buggy and was brought home with me.
In the box was the heater, casters and booklet.

The only assembly required was installing the casters on the bottom of the heater.  Screws were included to attach the casters and all I had to do was attach them to the bottom of the unit.

ELECTRICAL RATINGS: 12.5 amps (1500W) at 120V, 60Hz

FEATURES: Power light, weight 21lbs, thermostat, power switch, cord wrap around on bottom of unit, caution light, 7 fins, and casters, dimensions 25 3/16 in H x 14 in W x 9 13/16 in D. COLOR: White.

The Pelonis Oil Filled Radiator Heater is quiet to operate and heats a 328 square foot room quite well, but if used in a larger area of around 1200 sq ft, the heat was somewhat less.  The outer edges of the room were cool.  This was fine with me as I don't like feeling oppressed with heat.  Sometimes heat feels suffocating.
The output may vary and the temps could become intense enough to burn skin.  I've never been burned after 2 years of usage but if you have super sensitive skin, I'd not recommend this unit.

As with all heaters you have your warnings when the unit is being used to reduce the risk of fire, electric shock and injury.  Keep the unit 3 feet away from combustible materials when in use, use caution around children and invalids, unplug when not in use, do not use if damaged, do not use outdoors, do not sit on carpet or run plug under rug(s), do not insert or allow foreign objects to enter any ventilation or exhaust opening.  Always, always watch your children.  Do not leave on when you leave your house. Just use common sense when operating this unit or any other unit in your home.

The plug is polarized. There's a 4 position control switch -- Off/Low/Mid/High.  The pilot light glows when in use and there's an overheat protection system that shuts the unit off if it overheats due to abnormal conditions.

MY USE AND THOUGHTS: I use this heater when I need heat in certain rooms where I'll be in for awhile or to just knock the chill off the house if I don't want to turn my heating system on.  I don't use it for extended periods such as several days in a row.  It's not meant to heat my house.  I'll turn it on for about an hour before going in the room and by then, the room is very comfortable.  I live in the south so we don't get really cold in the winter months (or very rarely).  Once I'm in the room, I turn the heat down to the MID level, or sometimes, the LOW level.  It depends on our inside/outside temps.

I never use my heating system at night nor do I use this unit.  I'm afraid of fire (lost my house to fire many years ago) so all heating is turned off before going to bed.  I have an electric blanket and use it instead.

When I no longer need the heater, I store it in the box it came in and store it in the work-shop area next to the two car garage.  My family has been known to kid me about the number of boxes I tend to keep.  A box comes into my house and it‘s mine, but really, you never know when you might need one.  I kept the box for my heater and I use it.  It keeps dirt off when not in use and it's stored safely. 

The heater really does a great job of keeping me warm and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it nor would I hesitate to buy another should the need arise.

Questions or Comments:
Customer Service
2617 North Great Southwest Parkway #100
Grand Prairie, TX 75050
Toll Free: 866-876-4332

Made in China.

Thanks to Dawn (dlstewart) for adding this to the database so quickly for me!

ddustyrose Dec 5, 2009

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