Pentel Arts Slicci Metallic 0.8mm Needle Tip Gel Pen, Silver Ink, Box of 12 Bg208 Z

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Slicci Metallic Gel Pen: Worth it's Weight In Silver

Apr 6, 2012
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Pros:Smooth write, nice appearance, inexpensive, fast drying ink.

Cons:Might not show up perfectly on all colors of paper.

The Bottom Line: Looking to add some snap to your signature? This Slicci Metallic Gel Pen is a sweet pick.

When Pentel started the Slicci line of gel pens I was hooked on them; the ink was a true color and dried fast and they were affordable. Their line of Metallic Slicci pens are just as nice and there are color options available. I like all of the metallics in the series but the silver gets used the most. It is a nice accent for signing cards or writing on gift tags but there are some types of paper that these are not going to write on. The slick thick gift tags are the worst because the ink smears even if you let it sit for a minute to dry; for those kind of tags you need a ball point pen or a razor point permanent marker. These are not a super fine point but you are going to be able to get a tight line from it; do not use them on textured paper because you will end up with some skipping.

I wish that these were retractable instead of capped but Pentel hasn't made these retractable yet. The ink flows smoothly; you are going to want to make sure that the tip is clean so that you don't get clumps on the paper when you are writing. Lint free paper is the best to work with so that means no construction paper. You can use this on almost all colors of paper; on white it looks a little washed out so you might want to get something thicker on white paper. On darker colors you can get a lot of sparkle from it. That's one of the sweet things about metallic gel pens; some of them have a really nice sparkle and shimmer to them. The amount you get from it depends on the color of paper and the type of paper.

This looks great on red and green so it is a nice pick for Christmas cards; you are going to want to make sure that you can read it perfectly if you are going to use it on envelopes that are going to be mailed. If you can't read it clearly then there is a chance that it could get sent back to you or end up in the dead letter office. For scrapbooking you can use this knowing that the ink is archival safe; I have never had this fade or lose its sheen but if the paper is left in direct sunlight you can expect that to happen over time. Compared to other silver metallic gel pens this is a little more sparkly but that means that the overall color is lighter so if you are using this on lighter colored papers it might not show up all that well. Be sure to test it on the paper you are working on before you commit to using it to a project.

You can get these individually for about $1.50 each or in co-packs of two for about $2.50. There are larger packs available as well as a three color assortment but those are hard to find. This is a nice silver metallic; it's not too dark and it's not too light. Because of the point on it you can use it as an accent around other thicker point markers but that can be time consuming. There are Sharpie markers that will give you the same effect; the center will be one color and there will be a metallic color outlining it. If this is your first time using a metallic you are going to want to spend a couple minutes writing with it to get the feel of it. This is one of the thinnest metallics from Pentel but if you need something that is even tighter then there are others that you can get from other companies.

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