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Get low prices, receive bad service

Apr 4, 2008
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Pros:The grooming service is affordable.

Cons:Your dog is at risk for injuries from busy, careless groomers.

The Bottom Line: PetSmart groomers are often over-booked and under pressure to get pets in and out, they cut corners and end up cutting our pets. Save your money, go somewhere else.

My Experience:
When I bought my half Great Pyrenees and Bernese Mountain Dog, Jewel, I knew we had to enroll her in puppy training class at PetSmart. I was happy with her results in the class as she moved into the beginners class and then into the intermediate class. She received a lot of one-on-one attention from the trainers, so when it came to knowing where to turn to have her groomed I didn’t look any further than the PetSmart grooming services.

I thought that I was in safe hands because the groomers were located in the store and if I wanted to watch them groom her I could. When I dropped her off, she had no trouble walking behind the counter to be handed over to the groomers, she felt comfortable with them and that eased my mind to help me detach from my precious puppy. She was trained well and was well-mannered. She was getting a bath, nail trimming, ear cleaning, teeth brushing and to be brushed. I was told to return in three hours and they would be finished grooming her.

When I returned they weren’t done, so they told me to return in an hour. Again, I returned an hour later and she was almost finished, but still wet. She looked scared and tried to jump over the counter onto me. I knew something had gone wrong when I saw Jewel acting like this. The groomer said everything went fine, so interpreted her behavior as separation anxiety. The groomer said it took awhile because her hair is thick and matted in some areas. Jewel is a long-haired double-coated dog who plays hard, so having only a few mats was a relief.

When we were driving home, I noticed she wouldn’t stop licking her stomach. So when we got home, I saw that she had a large cut on her stomach. I continued to inspect her and saw that she had a cut behind her ear and underneath her armpit. I knew she had a few mats that would be difficult to get out; plus, the armpits and behind the ears are difficult to brush or trim. But since the largest cut (3 inches long) was on her stomach, it worried me because there is little hair there and no mats. I called my friend who is a professional groomer that lives out of state. I told her what happened and she said the groomer was obviously not paying attention to Jewel to cut her so badly. She also said that the groomer had no right to cut her so many times without notifying me because the untreated cuts could’ve led to an infection.

This negligence was uncalled for and I will never take my dog back to PetSmart groomers. Now, I take Jewel to a do-it-yourself groomer and I bring along a few friends to help. This way, I know she’s safe and will not have any cuts on her.

The Company:
PetSmart is a great one-stop shop for busy pet owners who are looking for affordable pricing. With over 1008 outlets in the United States and Canada, PetSmart offers: training, grooming, adoption, doggie day camp, a veterinary service, pet hotels, supplies and food. The company has donated $70 million to animal welfare programs and helping over 3 million pets to be saved. It must be those puppy eyes helping them be the leading corporation in chain pet stores. Their online site provides customers with a variety of their products that are available in stores to purchase as well as information about the company.

Features of this service:
The grooming services offer a wide variety of packages, which depends on the dog and owners. Features that are offered include: Nail trimming, ear cleaning, shampooing, hair brushing, haircuts, tooth brushing, massages and a blow dry.

Smaller dogs getting a simple bath and brush are around $20. For larger dogs, getting a bath and brush ranges from $40-$60. Add-ons can be bundled into packages ranging from $5-$25 extra. At a local grooming salon, prices for large dogs getting a bath and brush range from $42-$80. These prices are all dependent upon the size of the dog and length of their hair.

Dropping off and picking up pets:
Before arriving, groomers will request that owners don’t feed the dog a lot before arriving because they’re not allowed to take pets out to use the restroom. While at the salon, pets are provided with water to drink, but no food to eat. A typical day at the salon takes from 3-4 hours. This depends on the size of the animal, the condition of their hair (if it is double coated or matted) and the temperament of the animal.

Tips on grooming services:
First, do not settle on the easiest and convenient grooming location. Ask other dog owners you know where they go and which groomer they like. If you have enough time, go and watch the groomers. See for yourself how they handle the dogs and if you would trust them to groom your dog.

Second, start taking your dog to a groomer while it is still a puppy. This is another form of training for your dog and will enable them to be accustomed to the process of being groomed. Also, it is easier for the groomers and your dog if your dog is well-trained. Your dog will be calmer and less prone to biting groomers if trained well.

Third, always make sure you keep rabies shots and all other shots up to date. Also, knowing the breed and temperament of your dog will help if your dog acts up at the grooming salon.

Final Thoughts:
Save up your money to go to a grooming salon that is local, they have to go through different certification than the PetSmart groomers. PetSmart groomers only go through four weeks of condensed dog grooming school, compared to a more intensive nine weeks of schooling. If you opt for a do-it-yourself bath and brush of your pet, it usually runs from $10-$16. Either way, do not take your dog to PetSmart grooming services because they’re often over-booked and under the fist of corporate pressure to sell, sell, sell.

Maintaining the health of your dog is essential. Bathing and brushing your dog on a regular basis is a part of that, so make sure you’re taking care of your dog’s health. Your dog should never be cut or nicked at the groomers. So remember if you take your dog to a groomer to follow the tips above for the safety of your dog.

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