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Pet Organics No Dig Lawn & Yard Spray 16oz

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This Works For Us: No-Dig! Lawn & Yard Spray 16 oz.

Dec 4, 2007
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Pros:Works!; humans can't smell it; no harsh chemicals; a bit expensive

Cons:Must be re-sprayed after awhile or after it rains; sprayer doesn't dispense a lot

The Bottom Line: We really like this spray - it works and is all-natural.

Our 2 year old Boston Terrier, Baxter, is a BIG lawn and flower bed digger. We have several large holes in our backyard that he has created, and it was impossible to get him to stop digging. The first time that my boyfriend tried to get him to stop digging, he rubbed Baxter's little face in the dirt and yelled at him. Baxter was humiliated...and I cried my eyes out. We both felt bad about that and agreed that we would never again try anything like that to try to train Baxter. And, it didn't work. So then he tried spanking him on the butt. Again - didn't work. That was when I went online and started looking at alternatives.

Product Details:

No-Dig! Lawn & Garden Spray is made by a company called Pet Organics. It's an all-natural, herbal and plant compound with "special essential oils formulated to harmlessly train dogs." It comes in a tall, 16 oz. white plastic bottle with a pump spray that screws off and on and a clear plastic cap that snaps on over the sprayer.

As far as I know, this product comes in just the 16 oz. size - that is the only size I've seen.

The directions say to shake the bottle before using, then spray the entire dug-up area from about one foot above the ground.

Ingredients (taken from packaging): Water, garlic, clove, sodium lauryl sulfate.

My Experience:

Baxter flies around the backyard, stopping occasionally to dig. He digs furiously for about five seconds, then tears off to another part of the yard and digs again. There are three areas where he digs, and of course they are not areas that I want to have dug up. I can yell, scream and chase after him - but he doesn't listen. Enter the No-Dig! Lawn & Yard Spray into our lives.

I couldn't find anything in the pet stores (PetSmart and Pet Supplies Plus) in our area, so online shopping was my only hope. I came across No-Dig! Lawn & Garden Spray and ordered one bottle.

When our bottle of No-Dig! arrived, I was at my wit's end. We had a lot of holes in the yard, a few of which I twisted my ankle in. I went outside and started spraying the No-Dig! on any area where he had been digging, as well as a few other areas that I thought he might start digging in next. The bottle states that this stuff is 93% water, 2% clove and 2% garlic. OK - that doesn't seem like a lot of deterrent, does it? I was skeptical to say the least.

No-Dig! is a clear liquid with no detectable scent. I have put my nose right into the bottle and still can't smell it. I know that dogs have very keen noses, so I figured this was going to be something that Baxter could smell, but we couldn't. That works for me! I didn't want unpleasant odors hanging around our back porch or patio areas.

The pump spray is pretty easy to use, but it doesn't dispense a lot at once. To cover an area a few feet wide, I'm out there spraying for a while. I don't really saturate an area, but I make sure that it's covered pretty well with the spray. My index finger and hand were tired after I used this product each time this past summer..for us, there's a lot of spraying because Baxter had quite a few holes made in the yard.

I sprayed all of the existing holes (at least seven of them), the dirt area around our Rose of Sharon bushes, the area around each fence post and the flower bed in the backyard. Our backyard is completely fenced in, so I didn't have to spray the side yard or the front yard.

Baxter didn't try to dig the first day that I sprayed the No-Dig! spray around the yard. But the second day, he tore outside and wanted to dig. He buzzed by the first set of holes and went to the second set. He stopped dead in his tracks and sniffed the holes. His ears went back and he had a puzzled look on his face. He jumped away from that area and quickly got interested in something else. He ended up sniffing at each area where he had dug previously, but he did not dig. As the summer went on, he didn't dig anymore - with the exception of a few times when I did not reapply the No-Dig! spray after it rained.

After it rains, it is imperative that No-Dig! is resprayed on any areas where your dog digs. If you don't, the scent will be lost and the dog will probably go back to digging. Baxter went back to digging when I didn't respray. If you have a very busy life and the spraying becomes a chore (I felt that way from time to time all summer long), try not to go more than one day or so without respraying, because you don't want your dog to get back into the habit of digging in those areas. This is a training aid and deterrent in one, and it defeats the purpose if you don't keep the area sprayed. If you don't get any rain, you should respray after one week so that the scent will stay fairly strong.

Of course, No-Dig! is supposed to train a dog to not dig - and eventually you are supposed to not use the spray anymore and the dog should no longer be digging. But Baxter, after four months of using this spray, was still prone to digging. So maybe by the end of next summer he will be completely trained. Or maybe not.

I quickly went through my first 16 oz. bottle of No-Dig! and promptly ordered four more bottles. I didn't want to be without this stuff! Now that winter is here, we don't spray it anymore because Baxter doesn't really dig much in the winter because the ground is frozen most of the time, plus he doesn't like to be outside as long as he does in the summer.

Price and Purchasing Information:

No-Dig! Lawn & Yard Spray is $12.99 per 16 oz. bottle (which I think is a really high price considering this stuff is 93% water). It can be hard to find in stores. I ordered my first bottle from either Drs. Foster & Smith or from Care A Lot Pet Supply. My next order of four bottles came from 1800petmeds.com because the first place I ordered it from no longer carried the product.

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