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Voracious carnivourous debaucherous gluttony. Steak defined.

Feb 24, 2000
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Pros:Steak, porterhouse, beef, juicy, hmmmm......

Cons:Cash only. Be on time.

I am just one more person here to tell you that if you eat beef, stop what you are doing, pull out your "things to do before I die" list, and write down 'go to Peter Luger.' If you don't eat meat, avoid this place like the plague. Only because it will be the closest thing to ever convince you that man has incisor and canine teeth because he was intended to eat meat. I only wish all my non-beef eating friends could eat beef for a day, only so I could take them to Peter Luger Steak House.

You've heard it all - bring cash or your Peter Luger Credit Card (if it really exists). They accept no other form of payment. Make a reservation and be there on time. One of our party was late, and they wouldn't seat us until much cajoling and pleading and time. They were ready to send us home as their schedule is jam packed.

As for the actual damage, it could range anywhere from $40-100 a person depending on how gluttonous you really are.

The atmosphere is not anything ritzy. It is very old fashioned. There is an old bar in the entrance where the patrons loiter anticipating the carnage about to ensue. The place is out in Brooklyn, so arrange transportation.

The good stuff:

The fare at Peter Luger is pretty much very basic and expected with few variations (ie. shrimp or not?). Translation: I have never seen a menu. The table comes ready with pitchers of a mixture of steak sauce and cocktail sauce that for some reason tastes good on everything. You will start with excellent bread that gets buttered and/or dipped in said sauce. You will then be treated with thick slices of beef tomato and onion. The onion is sweet and both taste excellent (slathered with the magic sauce or not).

The options are desert, shrimp, and to some extent sides. If you are having the upscale dinner, they will bring shrimp cocktail to your table. They are huge, but surprisingly tasty shrimp (surprising only because really big shrimp aren't usually as good in my experience). They approach the size of small lobster tails, and they are a delight.

At this time you are beginning to become very very worried, because you are filling up on great stuff, but you know you have to keep your stomach primed for the main fair. Finally the waiter comes out like some exalted religious icon carrying holy plates of porterhouse. And this is real porterhouse, not the large T-bones passed off as porterhouse in many places. You will see the actual filet mignon sitting there on one side of the rib, and the ribeye on the other. The steak is pure succulence. It is grilled, drenched in butter, and sliced up before it is brought to the table. After polishing off the succulent morsels of what we truly mean when we utter the word "steak," the truly ravenous will gnaw at the bones for the remaining strips of the steak that could not be reached by the knife. (If you can get all at the table to do this, you are having a good time!)

Overshadowed by the beef, the sides with the meal were creamed spinach (which I don't love, but the others did) and an excellent well done home fries type mixture of potato, the kind of stuff that the best NJ diners serve.

The desert here is excellent. They have great pies. We had the fresh strawberries with freshly whipped cream. It comes in a big bowl in mounds. Part of the legend of Peter Luger are the bets that take place over desert as people try to down the whole bowl of whipped cream on a dare. It is rarely done.

And that is it folks. It is an artistic experience, and for the true steak enthusiasts, it is nothing short of the paramount experience.

P.S. I am told that for lunch you can have a burger of freshly ground porterhouse, but I could never spoil such a great cut of meat that way (well.... maybe if I was really in the mood for that perfect burger.)

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