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A True Story of a "Shadow Government"

Oct 20, 2006 (Updated Oct 20, 2006)
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Pros:A Wake Up Call to Americans. Who really runs Washington?

Cons:Americans are too passive, when it comes to Politics.

The Bottom Line: Colonel House controlled President Woodrow Wilson, from behind the scenes. He was one of the most powerful people in his time. Have you ever heard of him?

Quote on the first page of the book:

“This book is dedicated to the unhappy many who have lived and died lacking opportunity, because, in the starting, the world-wide social structure was wrongly begun.”

Personal Thoughts on this Book:

I had never heard of this book until a few days ago. Most Americans have never heard of Colonel House, yet he was one of the most powerful political persons in history. I came across this book when I was reading ,“Tragedy and Hope” by Carroll Quigley.

I was fascinated by this book. However, I felt an uneasiness, as I compared this book to current day politics. This book is the blueprint for running a “shadow government”, where a small group of elite and rich bankers manipulate and control politicians from behind the scenes. They do this in secrecy and through various private groups they create. One of these groups is the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). This is a semi-private group, and membership is by invitation only.

I found myself comparing Wilson to Bush, and Dru to Rove. When you look at these relationships, you begin to put the pieces of the political puzzle together. You realize that much more influence is involved than what the public knows about.

Is this the blueprint being used in American government today? Is there a “shadow government” in control, like what occurred in the Woodrow Wilson government with Colonel House wielding control from the shadows? The Fabian strategy was used then. This strategy operates slowly and secretly until it arrives at its political goal: Socialism.

Americans need to read this book. It is both eye-opening and startling that something written in 1912 could possibly have such an impact in our current government.

The Book:

The book was written in 1912. The ebook is published by Globusz Publishing (New York and Berlin).

You can find a free copy online at the following website:


The ebook version is approximately 131 pages and 53 chapters.

At the end of the book there is a four-page article entitled “What Co-Partnership Can Do” written by the Governor General of Canada, Earl Grey (Served from 1904-1911)

The Author – Colonel Edward Mandell House (1912):

Colonel House was born in Houston, Texas in 1858, to a wealthy landowning family. His parents had British roots. He was educated in New England prep schools. He attended Cornell University. He also went to school in Europe, where he surrounded himself with Fabians who believed in Socialism.

He was never in the military. He was given the honorary title of “Colonel” by the Governor of Texas, in appreciation for his political service. Texas politicians referred to him as “the King maker”.

House established a reputation as a notable behind-the-scenes Democratic political operator in Texas during the 1890’s. He exerted influence at the National level where he personally secured Woodrow Wilson’s nomination for President on the Democratic ticket in 1912. He became Wilson’s personal advisor, and was considered his “alter ego”. Wilson said, “House is my second personality, he is my independent self. His thoughts and mine are one.”

He was close to the US Morgan banking dynasty. He convinced the Morgan group, and the media to support Wilson. This financial support helped Wilson win the election.

He worked behind the scenes advising and controlling politicians who are said to be easily purchased and discarded. He was one of the most powerful men in American politics, and yet remains unknown to most Americans, because he worked in the shadows.

In 1921, House was influential in the founding of the powerful group, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). The CFR was founded by wealthy bankers: J. P. Morgan, John D. Rockefeller, Bernard Baruch, Otto Kahn, Jacob Schiff and Paul Warburg.

House also influenced the passage of the Federal Reserve Act on December 23, 1913. The bankers saw him as their “unseen guardian angel of the Federal Reserve bill.” This same group of wealthy bankers went on to create the Federal Reserve, a private organization consisting of 12 private branches around the country. The Fed has a Board of Governors, and members are appointed by the President to fourteen-year terms. There have been many criticisms of the Federal Reserve from the beginning. Two criticisms have been the following: 1) the secrecy surrounding meetings, and 2) the fact that money is created out of nothing and then interest is charged. Some have called for dissolution of the Federal Reserve.

House was also a member of Round Table Groups. This connection gave him access to powerful banking families in Europe, such as the Rothschilds. This is one of the most important hidden secrets of the NYC-based CFR. In addition to the CFR, other powerful Round Table Groups are: the Trilateral Commission, and The Bilderberg Group. Many powerful people, including Presidents, are members of these groups.

House also helped with the formation of, The League of Nations in 1919, which was formed after the Paris Peace Conference. The banking families helped on this front also. The US never joined, as Congress thought the US had too much involvement in Europe’s affairs. After WWII, the United Nations replaced the League.

The Story:

Colonel House speaks his own beliefs through a character named Philip Dru. House describes this book as his own “ethical and political faith.”

Philip Dru, is a behind the scenes manipulator of prominent political figures. He completely controlled President Wilson, and was one of the most powerful men in our government. He selected Wilson for President, encouraged his rich banker friends to support his nomination, and helped him win. He then made up his slate of Cabinet members, formulated the first policies of the administration, and practically directed the foreign affairs of the United States.

This book unravels a general strategy in politics that has been followed every since. It tells how a small group of insiders caused a depression, and then brought about an election of a man named Rockland. Rockland gives fireside chats, and launches a program called “The New Era” to strengthen government control over the masses. Eventually these insiders, who control the government, weaken the country to the point of civil war. This action then gives them the justification for establishing a dictatorship under Philip Dru.

His political ideal was Fabian-style Socialism. This type of Socialism has gentle and humane qualities to soften its impact. The Fabian Society is a British Socialist movement whose purpose is to advance the Socialist cause by reformists, rather than by revolutionary means. (Tony Blair is a member).

He talks of defending the poor, but had a great disdain for the masses. He saw them as stupid and lazy, and who didn’t take an interest in their government. So he saw the job of government being left to the professionals.

Dru starts a civil war and leads an uprising against the old order, gains control of the government, and becomes a dictator with the grateful support of the people. He assumes the title of Administrator of the Republic, scraps all constitutional restrictions against government power, establishes a progressive income tax, creates a national banking cartel, along with many other actions.

My Final Comments:

Dru is said to be a code for David Rex Universe and infers the ultimate goal is world domination. This code was found at this site:


House’s characterization of Americans as stupid and lazy when it comes to politics, should be a wakeup call. We must educate ourselves about powerful groups that operate from behind the scenes of our government, such as the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). These types of organizations operate out of the limelight, and many times in secret. The members of these groups wield an enormous amount of power, and create policies that affect our lives.

House tells us in this book that he formed a “shadow government” under Woodrow Wilson, and that he manipulated and promoted his own policies. He also controlled who came to power, and promoted politicians who believed his views.

We are dependent on our politicians. Since power corrupts, our politicians are not always honest. It is imperative that American citizens stay informed, investigate candidates before you vote, and write to your politicians.

Our country just surpassed the 300 million population mark. It is becoming increasingly important for our voice to be heard. If there is a “shadow government” manipulating things in Washington, we need to expose it. With these numbers, we can do this.

We must demand transparency from our politicians, and our President, and hold them accountable for their actions. This book states what went on behind the scenes in the early 1920’s. It is even more likely the same thing is happening now, in light of the current environment in Washington.

I see this book as a Call to Action. Americans need to know what influences politics from behind the scenes. We need to do our Due Diligence, and assert our Constitutional right to vote, but from an informed stance.

Web Links:

“The Intimate Papers of Colonel House”:

Council on Foreign Relations (CFR):



Federal Reserve:


Rhodes-Milner Round Table Groups:


Colonel Edward Mandell House:


President Woodrow Wilson: (1913-1921)


Bilderberg Group:


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