Philips HD 6153 Deep Fryer

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Philips Deluxe Deep Fryer - Fabulous!

Aug 15, 2003 (Updated Aug 16, 2003)
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Pros:Large fry basket, removable pot, digital timer

Cons:Big, so storage might be a problem

The Bottom Line: Great fryer with all the features. Non-stick removable pot fully immersible and dishwasher safe. Makes delicious deep fried food.

I've only fairly recently delved into the wonderful world of deep fryers, and discovered that while I loved the delicious foods one can make with these appliances, I was sorely disappointed with my first, small, inexpensive fryer. The fry basket was tiny, and the lid wanted to pop open unexpectedly and nearly burned me, plus the pot didn't come out to clean or to change out the oil. So I decided to upgrade, and bought the Philips Deluxe Deep Fryer HD6153.

~ Product Description

The Philips Deluxe Deep Fryer HD6153 had all the features I wanted, and more:

- Family size 2.5 qt. non-stick coated removable fry pot
- Digital timer with signal that beeps when time is up
- Adjustable thermostat that ranges from 300 to 375 degrees
- Illuminated On/Off switch
- Ready-to-cook indicator light
- Cool touch exterior
- Large viewing window
- Rise and fall basket locks into up position for drip-out
- Safety lid with rubber seal, locking hinge and release button
- Lid, fry basket and fry pot are all fully submersible and DISHWASHER SAFE

Note that my model HD6153 looks slightly different from the picture. The digital timer is located near the bottom right of the front panel, and the button to open the lid is near the upper right adjacent to the handle. The temperature dial is centered on the lower front panel.

This model also features a permanent filter that is intended to minimize odors. It is affixed to the lid, and the entire lid with the filter is dishwasher safe.

One other really handy feature of this model is the built-in cord storage, which is just a little niche in the back around where the magnetic cord attaches to the unit. Just roll it up and stuff it in. My old unit didn't have this and I never had a good place to store the cord.

Since this is a family-sized fryer, it's big. The footprint is about 16" deep, 10" wide, and 10" high. You'll need to have a good open space to use this. Watch out for the height, because in addition to the 10" height, you'll also need room for the lid to open.

When filled with oil it does get heavy, but there are molded-in grips on the bottom for carrying. This model also features a magnetic cord set, and the cord is short, about two feet long.

~ How to Use

First fill your Philips Deluxe Deep Fryer with oil. You can use oil, liquid fat, or melted solid fat. The fry pot has "min" and "max" indicator lines which makes it easy to know how much to put in.

Then set the Temperature Control Dial to the desired temperature to preheat the oil. You can expect about 10 to 15 minutes for preheating. You'll notice when preheating that the temperature light will go on and off a number of times. When it stays off for some time, the oil or fat has reached the selected temperature.

To lift the fry basket, pull up on the handle. Then open the lid by pressing on the release button to unlock the lid. The lid just sort of springs up. Remove the basket and put your food in the basket. Carefully place the basket with the food to be fried in the fryer. Close the lid. Now set the digital timer by pressing the button until you arrive at the desired amount of minutes. (The timer goes up to 99 minutes.)

While holding the handle, press the release button on the basket handle and carefully lower the basket down into the oil. And watch your food start to sizzle and cook in the oil! The timer will beep when your selected time is up.

~ My Experience

The first thing I fried in my Philips Deluxe Deep Fryer was french fries. I followed the directions for Home-made French Fries given in the user's guide, and they were DELICIOUS! The trick is to fry them twice, first at 320 degrees for 4-6 minutes, then at 375 degrees for about 2-4 minutes. Absolutely crispy and perfect! Hubby and I gobbled them up like candy.

The Philips Deluxe Deep Fryer has a picture chart printed right on the front panel that indicates the most popular food items and the temperatures and times for frying. This is really nice, because that way you don't have to look for the manual every time. And for french fries they even give the two different fry times and temps. Very handy!

I have fried chicken in my Philips Deluxe Deep Fryer with excellent results. I can fit four huge chicken thighs in the basket at once. You could probably get about six chicken legs in the basket. By the way, the basket is an oblong shape, which works good for french fries, and many other foods. I've also deep fried halibut fillets, and been delighted with the results.

The basket handle works smoothly and locks securely into the upright position for drip-out. The lid does NOT open unless you press the button (unlike my old fryer.) The basket is easy to remove and replace in the fryer.

There is some steam that escapes through the filter, but odors are minimal. I noticed with the Philips Deluxe Deep Fryer that condensation around the fryer is practically nonexistant. My old fryer would drip condensation everywhere. The Philips also has a nice rubber seal around the lid, which helps to minimize condensation and will also keep your oil more air tight while the unit is stored.

The exterior of the fryer gets slightly warm, but certainly won't burn if you touch it. The basket handle, on the other hand, can get pretty warm, approaching hot at times, but not enough to burn.

The viewing window is quite large and you can get a good look at what's going on inside. When you first put your food in it will steam up, but give it a minute and it will clear.

Clean up is a breeze with the Philips Deluxe Deep Fryer, and this is one of the reasons I chose this model. The removable fry pot makes cleaning easy, because it is scratch resistant AND non-stick. As it is dishwasher safe, that makes clean up even easier. Of course you don't need to clean the pot except when you change the oil. The removable pot also makes changing out the oil WAY easier!

The directions suggest the lid be cleaned after every use, but I've been cleaning it about every other time. It never looks dirty! But the lid detaches and is also dishwasher safe, along with the fry basket.

~ Final Thoughts

The Philips Deluxe Deep Fryer is a delight to use, and produces perfect, reliable results every time. It has all the important features I wanted, such as the removable, non-stick fry pot, timer, and large fry basket. The family-sized fry basket maximizes the amount you can cook at once. For about $70, I think it's absolutely worth it, and I'm glad I decided to upgrade.

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Amount Paid (US$): $69.00

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