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Philips PET741 Portable DVD Player (7")

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Awesome little DVD player for my son!

Mar 29, 2010
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Pros:Small & very portable, durable, inexpensive, picture quality is clear.

Cons:Buttons are difficult to function at first.

The Bottom Line: If you are in the market for a portable DVD player, this is one to consider. Even with the screen being 7", the picture is very clear!

My son's last portable DVD player had lived it's years and finally gave out after a few spills from some juice and my son had been wanting a new, portable DVD player for some time. We waited and then by his birthday, his grandparents splurged and got him one with a couple of movies and boy was he ecstatic! This has been a really good DVD player for a 4-year old this past year, and has even survived an episode of spilled juice!

My son spilled juice on this little DVD player recently and I really thought that was it. But I opened it up, wiped it out and let it dry (meanwhile crossing my fingers). It worked the next time we used it, and that really is a testament to how good this DVD player is. It puts up with him banging it around, moving it from place to place, traveling with it and changing movies in and out of it (with 4-year old little hands) and so on. In reality, DVD players don't last more than 2 years around a small child and so far, this has held up well.

The reason we buy my son portable DVD players is one for traveling long distance. If we go for an hour and a half drive or longer, he can take it along and feel somewhat entertained. His first DVD player came in handy on a long plane ride. If we are driving short distance, I prefer to have fun family talks in the car (since he watches enough movies at home), so really, we don't travel too much with it. If someone is watching say sports on TV at home, then my son can easily take his portable DVD player and pop in a movie and sit at the table and watch it...that way there's no fighting over the TV. If there is a get-together, my son loves to gather some of his friends and watch a movie together, or I can send them in a different room than the adults during "settle down time" and they can watch a movie without bothering the adults. So in those types of situations, it comes in handy. We usually just plug it in, but you can also charge it beforehand and it will hold a charge for about 2.5 (it says 2 hours, but I notice it lasts longer). The picture quality is pretty high. It comes with an AC adapter (home plug), a car adapter (which you would only need on a very long car trip) and ear bud headphones.

My son's last DVD player was a 9" one, so I thought he may not like the 7" size, it sounds small, but it's not really. I mean it is very portable and easy to close up and carry around, but my son can watch his movies just fine (no need for it to be any bigger). I wouldn't buy this for someone needing to do workouts to, it is too small for that. The screen has a wide screen to it so many wide-screen movies will fit it well. It plays CD's, CD-RW's (picture disks as well), movies (DVD's). The resolution is 480 by 234 resolution, the screen is anti-glare (and I notice you can see the movie at virtually any angle). The speakers are built-in and sound clear. It can be turned down low or high (and can even be heard across a room). I totally like that you can get any headphones and have your child plug them in (so you can't hear a thing- but they can!). It's easy to function (just read the manual it comes with) and there are buttons on all sides of it (to turn it on, adjust the volume and so on). The buttons inside to operate the movie, took us awhile to figure out, seriously you would think it were easy. But after you figure it out, it does become easy. Fingerprints show up easily on the sleek black surface and screen, but are easy to wipe off with a damp cloth. You can move the screen part forward and back all the way until it sits flat (but it does not move side to side).

It's a phenomenol deal at $72.54 on and you can find out all the specs on this particular model.

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Amount Paid (US$): 80

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