Philosophy Hope and A Prayer, Topical Vitamin C Kit Reviews

Philosophy Hope and A Prayer, Topical Vitamin C Kit

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Hope and a Prayer Topical Vitamin C...sound great, but isn't!

Mar 6, 2008
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Pros:None, it did NOTHING!

Cons:Overpriced vitamin C powder you can get at a supplement store.

The Bottom Line: The ONLY thing this kit does for you is put a dent in your pocketbook!

Here's the theory on Philosophy's Hope and a Prayer Topical Vitamin C. It comes in a powder form with a tiny little scoop in an amber-colored jar with an easy, screw-off lid. The reasoning on the darker jar is that vitamin C loses it's intensity or value I should say when it hits the air and starts going downhill from there (or light). So the darker jar is to keep the light out and keep the purity up.

My first thoughts were $35 for .25 ounces of product? Huh? But I wanted to try it anyway (You can buy it on, Nordstrom stores or Sephora stores). It actually lasts a lot longer than I would think. The tiny scoop is so little, it seems like there are HUNDREDS of applications.

The concept is to take a scoop every morning and night with your regular skincare routine, this is added to it. You scoop a little into your hand a long with your own moisturizer and mix the two and then put your moisturizer onto your face. It is a bit fun at first. But what happened? I used it for months and noticed NOTHING new on my skin. Their claims of lightening freckles, or evening out tone, firming skin, getting rid of wrinkles and such: nothing for me. I can't say my skin was bad in the first place, I have nice skin and I used it at age 28. So I figured it didn't work for me because I was a little too young for it and that maybe vitamin C is mean for the 35 or 40-year old crowd and up. But I have heard SOOOO many good things about vitamin C and have tried a few products and I STILL to this day have never found it does anything to my skin. So I'm not sure if it's just "vitamin C" that does nothing to my skin or if it's this brand "Philosophy" of vitamin C, either way, it did nothing to my skin.

The best way to buy this would be in a "kit". They sell kits, starter kits, etc. for much cheaper and smaller sizes so you can try their skin care that will last a month or two. Try, or Nordstrom stores.

The only thing I noticed it DID do was turn my palms and fingers ORANGE. Literally. It would take a week for the color in my hands to go back to normal. Weird. I ended up throwing out the last 1/3 of it, because it was like a placebo, did nothing but turn my palms orange.

I feel it's a waste of money and I would not recommend anyone trying it. If this vitamin C powder is PURE vitamin C powder, then you could find this easily at a vitamin store and put that on your face (in theory, right?).

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