Pine Sol Liquid Cleanser Lavender 28oz Each,12 /Pack (041294401166) Reviews
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Pine Sol Liquid Cleanser Lavender 28oz Each,12 /Pack (041294401166)

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Pine Sol Liquid Cleanser Lavender

Mar 24, 2009
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Pros:Great scent, no rinse necessary.

Cons:Cannot be used in laundering

The Bottom Line: Great scent, no rinse necessary.

I'm partial to the scent of lavender as well as the the original Pine Sol cleansers. I've used Pine Sol forever. I much prefer the new scents though.  I usually get the original Pine Sol All purpose cleaner. Hubby brought home the Pine Sol Lavender Cleanser knowing I like lavender. It was delightful.

The other Pine Sol fragrances available are Lemon Fresh, Orange Energy, new Mountain energy, Lavender Clean, Sparkling Wave and Wild Flower Blast.    

The Lavender Clean scent is light but fragrant enough to give the home a floral,  clean smell. The instructions tell you to use 1/4 cup per gallon of water. A nice factor is this won't require rinsing. The less steps the better right? If you have a really tough job use Pine Sol full strength but if you do then you must do a rinse. I find the quarter cup mixture works just fine on every day grime. 

You can use Pine Sol Lavender Liquid Cleanser on kitchen floors, cabinets, countertops and walls as well as your appliances (not stainless steel). In bathrooms you can use this on the toilet and shower stalls. If you have granite this is a no no, you cannot use Pine Sol Liquid Cleansers on porous surfaces. It is NOT recommended for wood, wall to wall carpet or for use mixed with other house hold chemicals. is super for cleaning out particularly nasty garbage bins and diaper pails. It leaves a really nice, clean , fresh smell. It is safe for pet areas and microwaves.  

You can use Original  Pine Sol in laundry. This is something I liked but only the original can be used in laundry. You can rub the oriiginal on stains full strength and you can add 1/2 C. to your wash load for extra deodorizing.  Pine Sol is recommended for getting grease out of clothing but again not the scented version. Luckily I read the warning before trying the Lavender Pine Sol on my wash.. The scented version isn't safe for laundry, which was disappointing since I thought it would add a really nice smell to the laundry.

The warning on the label tells you Do Not use any of the Scented Pine Sol on cars, cabinets, carpet or laundry. This is only a minor flaw though. 

I've always used the Original Pine Sol and now I have a wonderful selection of scented Pine Sol to choose from. It does a nice job cutting grease, it worked wonders on my tile floor with minimal elbow grease and I loved not having to do a rinse step.  My whole house is tiled so the less steps the better.  

Pine Sol has been around since 1929. The original Pine Sol was pine scented, of course. I guess by now everyone knows the advertisement "That's the Power of Pine Sol, Baby".

The working ingredients are cleaning agents and surfactants. Pine Sol is actually registered with the EPA as a disinfectant when used full strength. On hard, non porous surfaces it will actually kill bacteria. It's safe for septic systems.

So, try the range of new scents. I will work my way through them. Just keep in mind there are some major differences in usage between original and scented versions.

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