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Pioneer DV-220V DVD Player

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Average DVD player, inconvenient CD player.

Nov 26, 2009
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Pros:Controls of the front panel.
Starts DVD movie where you stopped - always.
USB input.

Useless LED  display.
No memory of the last played CD track.
Loud and crippled disc tray.

The Bottom Line: Good for that price for watching DVD movies, inconvenient for audio CD.

1) Shiny silver toggle-disc on the front panel with the functions: Play, Stop, Next/Prev. Shiny silver On/Off button (I know, "shiny silver" sounds childish, but black on black sucks, in darker room).

The reason why I like this control - playing audio CD. Why manufacturers of other models have to remove all the buttons from the front panel?? I inserted CD, standing in front of it, wanting to play, say, song # 3, but I can't! Instead, I have to go and get a remote and then find and press tiny Next/Prev buttons. With this Pioneer I can skip back and forth, using that control on the front panel.

2)  Remembers where I stopped DVD movie - even after I have removed and re-inserted the disc again.

3) USB input (not much for me, I'm not playing from USB memory stick, and computer files I can play directly from my computer to TV, but may be I'll need that USB some day).

4) Bright red LED indicator (Hmm.. - not sure it has to be that bright and red, since it's virtually useless, see below).

1) Doesn't remember the last played audio CD track after On/Off (even with the disc still in the player).

2) LED display doesn't show CD track # or DVD chapter # - only running time.

3) Even if you turn the TV set on, the on-screen display shows only Track #, but not the entire list of tracks and their titles (to see the  list, you have to jump through some hoops in the menu). Not so important for DVD movie (they have the chapters list at the beginning of the movie), but important for audio CD.

4) Disc tray doesn't pull out completely, I had to pull it out manually for half inch more after doing it electronically. Could be a malfunction, but even when pulled out to the limit manually, the round "footprint" in the tray remained partially hidden in the body. I had to tilt the CD downwards, insert the front edge, and then place it flat in the tray. You can't just flop the disc flat on the tray as with other players. VERY inconvenient feature.

5) Loud whirring noise when disc tray pulls in and out - sound that loud is intuitively perceived by any normal person as a malfunction signal, and therefore is distracting and annoying. Also, disticntive clicking of some rotating motors when idling - I can't hear it with sound track playing, but this is not normal either. It seems that quality can no longer be attributed to any particular brand - all of them are made in China now and therefore quality control is out of control, pun intended.

6) in the FF or REW mode of DVD movie (or "Scan", as they call it), it doesn't automatically shut the sound off even at the highest speeds, and chirping/squeaking of the fast moving audio is annoying. My old not-upconverting Panasonic DVD-S43 shuts the sound off, from the 2nd speed and higher.

7) So-so remote. The most frequently used buttons for DVD movie are Play, Pause, and Stop. They are black, same as all other buttons, and even though Play is larger, Stop and Pause are smaller than other buttons on the remote and are not easy to find without looking each time. Besides, symmetric dumb-bell shape is confusing - when you grab it, you have to look at it to make sure it's not oriented backwards.

Verdict: will return it to the store. Mostly, I disliked noisy and "crippled" disc tray and useless LED indicator on the front panel - what's the use of Next/Prev button of the front panel if you don't know what track or movie chapter you're on?

Recommend this product? No

Amount Paid (US$): 65

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