Plantronics .Audio 995 Black Headband Headsets for PC Reviews

Plantronics .Audio 995 Black Headband Headsets for PC

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Good quality headset for a reasonable price

Apr 28, 2010
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Pros:Comfortable, good quality for the price, mic is excellant, easy to install

Cons:CANNOT use while charging, range is iffy

The Bottom Line: I would recommend this for someone who is budget conscious but wants a decent headset. 

I bought this headset around 4 monthes ago and have liked it.  There are some things that really detract from it getting 5 stars.  But first I'll describe the headset and installation. 

It comes in one of those plastic cases that you have to be careful because you can cut yourself really easily.  It comes with of course the headset, a usb dongle (basically just like a wireless keyboard/mouse connector.  It sticks out from the usb port), installation cd and usb cord to charge the headset.

Installation was a breeze on Windows 7.  I know some people have said on other sites that they couldn't get the headset to work with W7.  I didn't have any problem and didn't even need to insert the installation cd.  When you first get the headset you will want to charge it up all the way.  This takes around 4 hours.  Remember that the battery is rechargeable and the more times you charge it the shorter its life.

Once the headset is charged, you just insert the usb dongle into a usb slot (of course) and turn on the headset.  All the controls are on the left ear piece, and the power button is on the back side.  Just push it for 1 sec and it will turn on.  The light will be red when charging, blue when it is on, and flash blue when it isn't connected/out of range.  To turn it off push the power button for around 3 seconds.  There is a play/pause button, volume controls, and the mic.

I rarely if ever use the play/pause button or the volue controls.  But the buttons are nice and large if I should need to access them.  The mic itself has very nice quality.  I use it for gaming and no one notices a difference with my voice.  It's also comfortable, well as comfortable as can be when you have it on for 3+ hours at a time. 

The top of the headset has a bit of cushioning which is nice, and it is adjustable for different headshapes/sizes.  The earpieces fit onto your ears and rest fairly lightly.  You will notice a pinch after awhile but you will get that with any headset.

The range on this headset is decent.  I can go into another room and still get reception, depending upon where I am standing.  Also, over time I have noticed that the range keeps going down.  I used to be able to go downstairs and get something from the fridge and still have reception.  Now I can barely get halfway down the stairs and get reception.  Or if I go into another room there are now "dead zones" where there is no signal to the headset.

It might just be because of battery life or because the headset is on a rechargeable battery and is slowly dying (this of course is normal since rechargeable batteries don't last forever).  Either way it's still really nice not to get up out of my chair to pick something up and be thrown back because I forgot about the cord!

The one complaint I have about this headset, is that you CANNOT use it while it is charging.  So it's a pain in the tush if it runs out of juice in the middle of something and I have to grab my old headset.  This is a major inconvience.

Otherwise I definitely like this headset.  Would I buy it again?  Maybe, for me being able to use the headset while it charges is almost a deal breaker.  There are other wireless headsets for a little bit more that will allow you to still use the headset even when charging.  For the money though, and the convience of no wires, this is a darn good deal!

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