Plantronics CS55 Gray Ear-Hook Headsets Reviews
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Plantronics CS55 Gray Ear-Hook Headsets

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Plantronics CS55 Wireless Office Headset System

Mar 4, 2011
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Pros:Stylish, good reception, good range, nice microphone, can use over the head or ear.

Cons:Irritating to have to turn it on every time you lift it from the cradle.

The Bottom Line: Good for a corporate environment where you have to spend long periods of time on the phone.

I recently had the opportunity to begin using this wireless headset system in the office.  It is connected to an Avaya 2420 teleset.

The system consists of a base station and power supply, wireless headset, and HL10 handset lifter.

The base station is a unit the size of a large coffee mug. It connects to the teleset. You can have the incoming phone line come directly to the base station, or to the teleset.  If the teleset has a headphone jack, you can plug into it. If it does not, you can plug it where the handset plugs in and then plug the handset into the base station.  This may sound overly complicated, but in actuality it is not, it is simply a matter of being flexible enough to use with multiple types of telephone telesets - even those that were not designed with a headset in mind.

The headset itself is quite stylish and is recharging whenever it is sitting in the station.  I use mine with an over-the-head style band, although over the ear adapters are available - but I tend not to like them that much.  This is purely a matter of preference that does not reflect on the product.  Changing between over-the-head and over-the-ear is incredibly simple as the different mounts just snap-on and off.

I have found that the sound quality of this unit is quite excellent, and the people on the other end can hear me quite well, even though the microphone is situated about half way down my cheek.  Now, for me, this is incredibly important.  I spend a lot of time every day, stuck on conference calls with large numbers of participants droning on about this, that and the other thing.  It is quite easy to mute this headset, and with no microphone in front of my mouth, I can eat while on a call without anyone hearing me munch away, or slurping on a drink.  With this headset on, I can easily have side conversations with anyone brave enough to venture into my cubicle. Also, if the meeting really drags on, no one can hear if my breathing becomes heavy as I doze off. 

The lifter is quite nice.  If a call comes in while I am away from my desk, but within range, then I can answer it via the headset, as the lifter automatically lifts the handset off of the telephone.  It hangs up when I am done as well.  This is grand because it allows me the opportunity to go get a cup of coffee while I am waiting for an incoming call, and I don't have to worry about missing it.  I wish I had this at home so I could work in the yard or garage without having to race in and answer a call.

Range is excellent.  I can wander all through the area where I work, and even go through multiple sets of door and still get reception when using ‘the facilities."  I just have to remember to hit mute before flushing.

There is one feature, however, that I am not thrilled with.  When I take it out of the cradle to make a call, I have to turn it on.  The device should go on automatically when I remove it from the cradle.  Every time I have to do this it irritates me because it is unnecessary. 

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