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Plantronics CS70 Gray Ear-Hook Headsets

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Plantronics + DECT 6.0 = Poor Reception

Feb 9, 2008
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Pros:Easy To Install, Light Weight and Very Comfortable, Excellent Sound Quality

Cons:Very Poor Range, Volume Buttons On Headset Rather Small and Stiff

The Bottom Line: This headset is great in so many ways, but the very poor range makes it a failure overall. =o(

I have been using a GN Netcom 2.4GHz 9120-FLEX Wireless Headset for the past couple of years and have been extremely impressed with the distance that I can travel from the base unit. I work in a large office building and the 9120 headset gets good reception from nearly one end of the building to the other. My biggest complaint with the 9120 is its size and weight. Wearing this large headset requires an over-the-head design, and the earpiece makes my ear rather hot because it covers the entire outside of the ear. The sound also produces a fair amount of echo, and callers have complained that my voice sounded somewhat quiet and thin. I was very excited to read positive reviews about the new Plantronics CS70. The newer DECT 6.0 technology has had my curiosity peaked for quite some time now and I decided that it was time for me to give this new technology a try with the Plantronics CS70/HL10 Wireless Headset and Lifter bundle.

I have been using this new Plantronics headset now for about 6 weeks. Setup was a real breeze. Plantronics has really gone out of their way to provide easy to follow instructions and an automated dial-in support line that helps you to set your input and output settings for this headset. The headset is fairly light and comfortable, which allows me to wear it constantly for several hours without any discomfort. The incoming sound quality is simply outstanding, and callers have told me that my voice sounds very good. The answer/end call button is large and easy to operate, but the volume up and down buttons on the headset are a bit small and stiff to operate. This headset also comes with several earpieces; some of which are foam covered tips and others are a gel type. The headset charges quickly and provides several hours of talk-time. The HL10 lifter kit was easy to install and works flawlessly. I just wish that there was a mute function for the ringer pickup microphone on the lifter, as loud noises in my office tend to set off the ringer in my headset. The GN Netcom 9120 had this mute function, which really came in handy. The boom microphone on the headset has some adjustment but is not flexible, so it tends to sit far away from your mouth. I find that this allows a slight wind noise when I am walking while talking. Overall I would give this headset 4 stars, based on sound quality and design alone.

Now, for the real reason behind my low overall score for this headset. Simply put, the range of this headset is extremely poor. While the 2.4GHz GN Netcom headset allowed me to walk from one end of the office building to the other, this Plantronics DECT 6.0 system barely lets me walk 50 feet from my office. If I am on the phone and want to walk to the closest kitchenette (roughly 45 feet from the base unit in my office), to fill my coffee pot with water, the call begins breaking up and the CS70 begins producing an "out of range" beeping sound in my ear. Seriously, I start losing my call when less than 50 feet from my desk! OK, I will admit that my office walls are constructed of cement blocks, which I'm sure is one reason for the poor signal quality, but come on, the 2.4GHz GN Netcom 9120 headset worked flawlessly in the same environment. Two weeks ago I ordered another one of these CS70/HL10 headset kits, just in case mine was defective. The results are pretty much identical, barely letting me walk out the door of my office before showing signs of signal disruption.

I really, REALLY wanted this headset to work well. It is very comfortable to wear, has great sound quality, and has a rather high-tech look about it. However, the ridiculously poor signal quality makes this new Plantronics CS70 headset a real dissapointment. I have long been a loyal fan of their products, but unfortunately this DECT 6.0 headset does not meet the normal quality standards that the Plantronics name has been known for. It is with great distress that I have to give this product 2 stars, and I honestly cannot recommend it to anyone unless they plan to remain very close to the base unit. =o(

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