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Plantronics Discovery 610 Silver/White Ear-Hook Headsets

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Burn burn burn people

Jul 17, 2007
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Pros:just gets better

Cons:No naughty stuff at bed time as you will be addicted

The Bottom Line: This is even better than 2 more features and more action

Burnout 3 is better than the first two. Point of impact was an improvement on the original and this is a major improvement on point of impact.

Now for the uninitiated in you burnout is a game of driving with a twist. You basically have to drive insanely into oncoming traffic, drift around corners, have near misses with other cars and generally do al the things you would never do when driving in any over game!

Now in this incarnation of burnout along with the Crash for cash (now called Crash junctions) and the usual races and challengers they have included a new thing. This is called takedowns.

Now on the main menu you have the following choices Burnout 3 world tour, single event, multiplayer, online and driver details the latter shows you your progress in the game.

Now you have a map like in burnout two but this is now called a crash nav.

There are now a lot more cars and different series to choose from again they must be unlocked to be used.

The following racers are available on world tour and single player mode Race (finish first by any means! Grand prix is a few races together come the highest you can to progress. Eliminator this is a new feature from last time every lap a car is eliminated until there are two left. Face off go head to head to win your opponents car. Road rage this is another new feature and is amazing wipe as many cars out in the time and don’t damage your car to bad or the games finished. Burning lap this is where you boost, boost, boost use your boost to beat the predetermined time. Crash junctions cause as much insurance damage with your car by ploughing into junctions. Last but not least is the special events achieve gold medals and get invited to special events.

Now earning your boost is easier than ever before with the takedowns. Slam your opponent into walls and watch them loose it or smash them into pillars or do a signature takedown. These don’t just earn you boost but also earn you points to unlock more goodies. Bear in mind if you are taken out you can still get them with the after touch feature control where you car goes after its been taken out and earn a takedown if you hit an opponent.

Now the crash events have even got better you can now get a boost, extra cash pick ups different cash multiplier but watch out for the heartbreaker this halves your final score.

Now in world tour mode when you get a medal it opens up further options got gold’s and you don’t just get a track you get a car as well. Watch out though the computer keeps a track of all the damage takedowns and points you have done and you can gain extra items by reaching certain milestones in the game.

Now in single race mode the above is true but the computer keeps a running score of just your single player stats and you can earn extras through this mode as well unlike in burnout 2.

The multiplayer game has several options Team crush is one. Team up with your mates and cause as much devastation as you can.

Double impact. Fight your friends to see who can cause the most destruction this is great fun with friends.

Party Crash Cause as much damage as possible at crash junctions this again is so much fun you’ll be playing for hours.

Also a new feature is the online play. Play against other players across the world.

Now the graphics have been updated and a lot smoother and so much less jumpy. The speeds you travel especially when in a fast car are amazing and it can hurt your eyes after a while. Say ten hours straight.

Ladies out there EA have done it again and created another cult game that will last your men folk forever. The graphics as I have said are great and the music and commentary is brilliant. The controls are so easy to use that my gran could do it and she’s dead!

So expect the pubs to be empty, as all the men will be on this a be prepared for lonely nights while your man is messing in front of the playstation going ill be five more minutes and not coming to bed.

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