Plantronics Discovery 610 Silver/White Ear-Hook Headsets Reviews

Plantronics Discovery 610 Silver/White Ear-Hook Headsets

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Maximum Comfort With Reasonable Talk Time Per Charge.

Mar 6, 2008
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Pros:Sleek design, easy to use, comfortable fit.

Cons:Not durable, charger has had to be replaced.

The Bottom Line: I would highly recommend the Plantronics Discovery 610 as a comfortable, easy to use, sleekly designed bluetooth.

When I purchased my RAZR cell phone from Verizon last year, I decided to get a bluetooth. My Nextel phone is not compatible with Bluetooth so I had been using a Jabra with a cord that connected to my phone. Having a wireless headset would be liberating. I looked at the available selection of Bluetooth options and settled on the Plantronics Discovery 610. At sixty dollars, it was one of the less expensive models available inside the Verizon store. However, this model appears to be available through Amazon Marketplace for $40.77 as of this writing, making that a very attractive option.

As mentioned in my review of the Motorola H375 Bluetooth, I noted that one of the most important factors in purchasing a bluetooth is the fit. Sound quality and battery life are also important to me, with transmission distance being low on the list for me. Although most bluetooth products are easy to use, simplicity is also another factor that I consider in buying this type of product. I will discuss how this bluetooth matches up in each of these areas.

The Plantronics Discovery 610 comes with three rubber earpiece units in small, medium and large sizes so that you can customize the fit. The stem of the earpiece is rather small, with the majority of the bulk from the earpiece coming from the rubber unit that fits over the stem. Because the part that fits within your ear is primarily rubber, the fit of this Bluetooth is very comfortable. The fit is snug enough that the unit can be used without the ear hook attachment that hangs from your ear. The ear hook can be changed so that the unit can be used on either ear, if used with a hook. I prefer to use the hook on my bluetooth because I am prone to losing things. The fit of the Discovery 610 is far superior to the fit of my Motorola H375.

The Plantronics Discovery 610 has an extremely sensitive microphone. If I am driving down the highway or washing dishes, the person I am talking to will have difficulty hearing me. The unit picks up every bit of background noise which masks my conversation. In crowded malls or busy locations, the background noise can also cause interference with my conversation. Without background noise, the sound quality is very keen. I would rate the sound quality of the Discovery 610 as superior to the Motorola, but I sometimes prefer the Motorola because I get less background noise.

The battery life of my Motorola H375 is better than the Plantronics Discovery 610. When talking continuously on the Discovery 610, I can expect between three and four hours of talk time. If the unit is turned on during the course of the day and I am also using the unit, the talk time is decreased slightly. I would suggest that you can get three hours of continuous use out of this unit when it is fully charged as opposed to the six hours of use touted by this unit. You may get six hours of use total, if you are intermittently on the unit. The Motorola H375 exceeds four hours of continuous use and is superior in terms of battery life.

Range is not much of an issue for me because I normally have my cell phone on my belt while using the Plantronics Discovery 610. I have gone to my car a few times with my cell phone attached to my charger in the house and not dropped my call. I would estimate the range of this unit to be around thirty feet. In certain parts of the house I get feedback or weak signal, within that range. It depends on what types of obstructions are between the headset and the cell phone. The Motorola H375 does not seem to be affected by any obstructions within the house, making it superior in terms of range.

Pairing the Plantronics Discovery 610 is very simple. Using my cell phone, I used the find headset function and it detected the headset automatically. The name of the bluetooth will appear in the device screen and can be scrolled through if multiple units are paired to the same cell phone. I have both my Plantronics Discovery 610 and Motorola H375 paired to my bluetooth and can switch back and forth between the two. Plantronics has another unit that looked exactly like the Discovery 610 which will automatically pair with the cell phone if both units are turned on. I did not opt for this type of device. When pairing this unit each time I need to use it, I simply scroll through the menu and select the device to pair. Pairing with the Discovery 610 requires a fraction of a second longer than the Motorola H375. Both devices pair easily with my cell phone. The automated pairing is not a function that I feel I require.

The Plantronics Discovery 610 is a sleek and attractive headset. The device weighs 9 grams...about the same as the Motorola H375, but feels a little less durable. The stem on my ear piece broke a couple of months ago. I used super glue to repair the unit and it has worked fine. I did not notice any drop in quality after the repair, so it must not have affected any of the electronic components. The Motorola H375 seems superior in the area of durability, while the Plantronics is far more attractive. I have had some problems with the charger, which is not very sturdy. I have had to replace the charger twice. In terms of replacements, this unit is covered by a 12 month warranty. Commercial products are covered by a 24 month warranty. Not bad for an electronics device.

The Plantronics Discovery 610 is a cinch to use. The unit has a large round rubberized button on the tip. When this button is held, the unit turns on or off. After turning the unit on, it can be quickly paired with your cell phone. After pairing, calls can be made using the cell phone or you can redial the last number by simply pressing the button again after the unit is paired. The volume button is a slim bar located along the side of the unit. The speaker is located at the front of the unit.

I would suggest that the Motorola has superior bang for the buck as compared to the Plantronics Discovery 610. However, with this unit currently available at the same price point that I paid for my Motorola, I might have to rethink that. While the Motorola lasts longer and is more durable, the Plantronics has a more sensitive microphone, sleeker design and more comfortable fit. Overall, I am going to rate this unit at the price point I paid, giving it four stars out of a possible five. If you can still get this unit for forty dollars...bump that rating up to five stars!

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