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Crash and Burn Fest ..A Real Stressbuster

Apr 17, 2008
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Pros:Great graphics

Cons:The music can be annoying

The Bottom Line: Great fun fun

Burnout 3- Takedown
The Ultimate Arcade Experience. Developed by Criterion Games and one of many great games published by Electronic Arts, its bound to be a sure thing.

I first played this game at a friends house when it was first released in 2004 and my impression of it remains the same today... I love it!!
A few years ago, I received a PS2 as a gift for christmas. As I am not very into console games, I used it mainly for playing DVD's. I then came across Burnout 3 , remembered how good it was and had to get my hands on it!!

I have played quite a few racing games in the past and after playing Burnout I find that it seems to integrate the favoured car games into one, with having both race and destruction modes; and with trophies, medals and GP points awarded throughout.
To begin the game, the player is instructed to choose a profile if they wish to save their progress in the game. To begin events the player then must choose a car type considering speed and weight to enhance its suitability for the upcoming event. Speed and weight of the car does have an impact on gameplay, for example, choosing a heavy car with lower speed is most suitable for crash events whereas lighter cars with high speed are best suited to race events.

There are 173 events based on several game modes which are varied and, individually, offer a new and exciting experience for the player :
Road Rage: Cause a set number of competitors to crash (takedown) in a given time for Gold, Silver or Bronze medal.

Face-Off: Race your opponent and come first to win their car.
Crash: Create the largest, most destructive and expensive pile-up possible....wreak the place!!

Eliminator: Race, car in last place after each lap is eliminated.
Personally, I enjoy Road Rage and Eliminator as I found them very effective in reducing stress after a day at uni. (Always a bonus)

Burnout is an excellent gaming experience and is suitable for anyone. The speed of the game enhances an adrenaline rush which I have never experienced in any other game. I believe Burnout was made truly for enjoyment rather than technicality.
It took me about 15 minutes to get the hang of Burnout 3 and since then I've been addicted. I found I was able to handle the car better in Burnout than with any other racing games.

The graphics of Burnout 3 are excellent and the courses are fun and challenging. A larger TV would enhance the experience, especially in two-player mode, as it is viewed through a split screen and the gameplay experience is slightly reduced compared to full-screen, one-player mode. Mainly because there is so much going on and it is difficult to see traffic/obstructions ahead.
Having escaped many 'would be' crashes, I feel that at times it does not represent true driving simulation compared to other racing games I have played. This does not have any effect on my overall opinion of the game though as I only noticed it happening a few times.

I would definitely recommend to potential buyers and I am really glad I came across it.
Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to experience online gaming for Burnout 3, so I am unable to provide feedback for that particular area.

Events of Burnout are based in 3 areas namely USA, Far East and Europe. The backgrounds are stunning and merge together seamlessly.
The range of vehicle on offer is excellent and are unlocked after many events. From small hatchbacks to firetrucks, you are sure to find a favourite. The cars are designed to look like real models but they do not carry any brand names eg ford.

Pulling off challenging and tricky manouvres such as driving into oncoming traffic (without hitting any cars), drifting on turns and taking down opponents enhances boost. The speed of Burnout is amazing especially with the boost, which is highly addictive. You would do just about anything to get a good 30 seconds of boosting for a speedy and exciting push to the finish line. The gameplay quickly speeds up along with your concentration level (with lack of concentration you will soon find yourself crumbling down the nearest surface).
A nice feature that has been included in the game is the crash mode, where the object is to create as much destruction as possible to earn points and if your really good, you might just hit the headlines!! Well worth the time spent, especially if your getting frustated at the illusive race victory that you have been trying for the last few days!!

The only downside I could find with Burnout 3 is the soundtrack. It has no Meat Loaf or the like (",)..... only jokin' ......
After hours of playing, the music becomes a real pain in the a** with being so repetitive!! The soundtrack features almost 40 songs. 'We are the lazy generation' by the F-Ups comes to mind (it has burn't a hole in my brain, errrrrghhh), with a few from Ash and My Chemical Romance.
With regard to difficulty, I would class Burnout 3 as medium. As you progress in the game, it does become more difficult to achieve gold in events however no event could ever be deemed as impossible.

The game has went to platinum with being one of the best of Playstation 2.
This game has been followed up by Burnout Revenge and Burnout Paradise although I have not yet had a chance to play them.

Burnout 3: Takedown is available (new and used) at from 4.20 -> Which is nice (",)
Rating: 3+
1 or 2 player
Memory Card (8MB) (for Playstation 2): 81KB minimum
Analog Control Compatible: all buttons
Vibration Function Compatible
Network Adapter (Ethernet) (for Playstation 2) Compatible: 2-8 Players

This is my first game review. Feel free to read/ rate/ comment/ offer suggestions. I am extremely appreciative of all feedback offered. Thanks for reading X

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