Plantronics M210 Black Headband Headsets Reviews

Plantronics M210 Black Headband Headsets

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Plantronics M210 cordless phone headset is a keeper

May 14, 2011
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Pros:Clear sound, comfortable to wear, adjustable volume, long lasting

Cons:Can't think of any cons

The Bottom Line: The Plantronics M210 Headset works as expected. I'd buy it again.

In my work, I spend a lot of time on the phone. I prefer to use a cordless phone and I prefer to avoid getting a stiff neck. As a result, it is necessary to hook up my cordless phone to a headset. In the past, I've been disappointed with several different brands of headsets. My experience is they are either hopeless out of the box with poor sound quality, or they work well until a week after the warranty expires.

Known for quality headsets

Plantronics is known for making quality headsets. That was a factor in my deciding to buy the Plantronics M210 Headset. It also has several desirable features.

The headset has a comfortable, adjustable headband that should fit most size heads. The earpiece is padded and fits nicely on the ear. The microphone can be rotated so the receiver can be worn on either ear. The plug is the standard size for use with both cordless and cellular phones. The sound through the headset is clear.

The cord is about 4-feet-long, long enough to place the phone wherever the user desires. Most of the time, I put the phone on my desk, but sometimes I want to walk around while talking. I clip my phone to my waistband and the cord is more than long enough to reach from there to my head.

Adjustable volume

The cord for the Plantronic headset has a built-in volume adjustment device. It is easy to turn the sound up with the thumbwheel if you are having trouble hearing your caller, or down if they are speaking too loud. There is also a mute switch if there's something going on in the room you don't want your caller to hear. This is particularly useful for phones that don't have a hold or mute button.

The back of this device has a clip. You could attach this to your clothing if the cord were getting in your way.

Long lasting

I can't remember exactly when I bought my Plantronics headset and that's a good thing. It was at least a year ago, so it has outlived its one year warranty (that warranty was another factor in my purchase decision). The headset has worked reliably every time I have used it. None of my callers has complained about static or not being able to hear me.

After many years of disappointments with other lower cost phone headsets, I am pleased to have found a product that works as expected. No headset lasts forever and when this one finally stops working, I'll replace it with another Plantronics product.

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