Plantronics M214C Black Headband Headsets Reviews
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Plantronics M214C Black Headband Headsets

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Plantronics M214C Cordless Phone Headset

Mar 13, 2011
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Pros:Good Sound, Volume/Mute Control, Boom-style mic with noise-canceling, PRICE

Cons:Large Volume/Mute Control box on wire

The Bottom Line:

I highly recommend the Plantronics M214C headset to anyone who is looking for a wired over-the-head headset. The volume and quality of sound is superb for this price point ($15-20).

Background & Why I considered this headset.
When I work at home, I sometimes spend hours on conference calls. I use a cordless phone so I can roam through my house and do other things while I listen on the calls. I wanted a quality headset for my cordless phone and I didn't want to spend a lot. I had a cheap headset that came with an older phone, but there was no volume control on the headset and it was often hard to hear people. So I wanted a headset with good volume control.

I briefly considered Blue Tooth and Wireless headsets, but my concern was the battery life. Given the hours that I spend on conference calls, I need a headset that can last indefinitely. I also was concerned about interference from microwave ovens, wireless routers and printers that I'm often around during my calls. I decided that a wired connection would better serve my needs and was less expensive than the wireless options.

What I like about the Plantronics M214C Cordless Phone Headset
The volume and quality of sound coming from this Plantronics headset is superb and equal to the one I use at work that costs 5x more. The volume and mute control are contained on a small plastic box about 2/3 down the wire from headset. The volume and mute controls are easy to use and work great.

I also like the long boom mic that positioned near my mouth and does an excellent job of allowing people on the other end to hear me clearly. The boom swivels so the headset can be worn on either the right or left ear, which is important if you are on long conference calls like me.

The cushioned earpiece is reasonably comfortable for an inexpensive headset. I can easily wear this headset for one hour with no discomfort, but after 2-3 hours it does become uncomfortable. But this can happen even with more expensive headsets, which is why it is important to have a swivel boom that allows you to switch ears.

The headset was one of the least expensive headsets that I was considering, so I couldn't be happier with the price ($16). The quality of sound at this price point is truly amazing.

My Concerns and What I Don't Like
There really is only one thing that I don't like and that is the placement and size of the volume/mute control box. The control box is located near the 2.5 mm jack, which places it close to your waist if you are standing up. There is a clip on the box and I suppose it was intended to clip on a belt, but the plastic clip is too fragile and small to clip on any belt I own. The box is about 3/4 inch wide and 1.5 inches long. It's not huge, but it is large enough that it bangs around more than I would like. I wish the control box was a little smaller and closer to the chest, so you could quickly glance at it and make adjustments.

My headset at work has replaceable cushions for the earpiece, but I noticed the cushion on this PlantronicsH214C headset appears to be permanently attached. I'm not sure what material the cushion is made out of, but it feels like a cheap plastic faux leather. So I'm a little concerned that once the cushions wear our there will not be an easy way to replace it. But given the price that I paid ($16) for the entire headset, I suppose this is an acceptable risk.

My Final Impression & Recommendation
I highly recommend the Plantronics M214C headset to anyone who needs an inexpensive but quality headset. The volume and quality of sound is the best that I've heard in this price range.

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