Plantronics Voyager 510SL Silver/Black Ear-Hook Headsets Reviews
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Plantronics Voyager 510SL Silver/Black Ear-Hook Headsets

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Plantronics Voyager 510SL is Tops!

Dec 21, 2007
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Pros:Does everything well, pairs multi-phones, adjustable handset motorlift, thoughtful spares, options

Cons:On-off/mute button fiddly for fat fingers. Manuals 80% there. Labels needed on wiring points

The Bottom Line: One of those devices that works well and makes life easier. Great value office home or product and meets or exceeds expectations for professional use.

This is my first Bluetooth phone headset for the office, but the Plantronics Voyager 510SL (L is for Lifter - see later) exceeded my expectations. Setup is pretty straight forward, except that I had to play with connections for hooking up the phone handset to the Plantronics base station to get an either-headset -or-earpiece to work. Anyway 30 minutes with the occasional read of the manual as a last resort, and I am a happy man. Setting up another person's headset will be very quick.

Some would enjoy standing in the next office and activating the remote handpiece lifter (with this in the box, the 510S becomes a 510SL model) when the office girl is passing. With the phone on the right angle, one can make it fall off completely, all by pressing the headset call button in my pocket. However I have to work with these girls, so I don't need to encourage them to shriek.

On the odd occasion I will use the headset system for productive things as well... online software training is my job... this will mean I can pick my nose and type at the same time.

The purpose of the lifter is obviously to take the handset off the hook just enough to connect to the exchange. Fitting the motor lifter is easy - adhesive tape just needs peeling. There is even a ringer microphone in the box in case it is required (some phones have the speaker in the 'wrong' spot) to send the ringer signal to the headset via the base station.

I can answer my mobile phone OR desk phone from the one headset. The headset DOES (conversely to another old review I read) ring when my iMate JasJam (read DOPOD 438 or something of you are not in Australia) is on silent or vibrate mode.

Range? Voice quality seems to be good for at least 15 paces away from the desk (through office partitions) before it starts breaking up. This is more than the advertised 33 feet (about 11 paces). I haven't tested the microphone in the wind (i.e. near the kitchen when the office girls are having lunch) but the box advertises Windsmart technology. That could be the toe of an old sock stuck to the microphone, or something even more technical.

The status indicator on the microphone can be turned off, if it annoys people who assume that you are talking to someone else and not them.

The system enables full choice of headset- or handset-call handling as you would expect. Replacing the earpiece in the charging cradle turns any headset-handled calls off (but doesn't affect handset-based calls). Lifting it out so you can wear it gives you a dial tone, or answers the call. Calls can easily be transferred to or from the headset or handset, and there is no reason why calls will be inadvertently dropped if you first lift the handset before transferring from the headset (press headset button and hold until a tone sounds.)

I would like to see a simple quick-reference card for new users to keep out, showing operating instructions like the above. There are already six little manuals, one for each device, and one more (all one language per side) won't hurt.

Connection sockets on the base station and motor-lifter, and their corresponding plugs, could have adhesive labels attached to make installation easier. If nothing else, A to A and B to B. I hope Plantronics are listening in to this, because it will improve first impressions for those who dread wiring and expect to get a volt-jolt or smoke signal from every wrongly-inserted plug.

The unit is made in Mexico - I like that - even though some of the bits and pieces are made in China - I'm used to that.

The unit is great value, safe for the kids and comes in a range of colours ... well, silver on the top and charcoal on the bottom. It comes with spare adhesive tape for the clever lifter device, different sized earpieces, and enough chargers for a mediaeval joust.

Now stop reading and order one. Oh, and if you are trying to swap earpieces, you have to push then twist to remove it.

I've never bothered to rate a review before - but if you don't rate this you deserve more of the same. Does it help?

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