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Plantronics Voyager PRO Black Ear-Hook Headsets

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Not a Fashion Statement But a Phenomenal Noise-Canceling Headset

Feb 21, 2010
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Pros:Superb sound quality, comfort, battery.

Cons:Wind-proofing could be over aggressive at times.

The Bottom Line: Don't get this unit if you prefer form over function, but a must-have for those who demand the highest sound quality and comfort.

After my very first Plantronics Bluetooth headset purchased many, many years ago, I became a die-hard Plantronics fan.  I have since gone through three other Plantronics units before setting my sight on the Voyager Pro.

I was quite happy with my Voyager 855 convertible stereo headset even though I used it exclusively as a telephone headset for calls only without attaching the second ear bud.  Unfortunately, the semi-rigid plastic ear loop snapped off at the base one day when it was sharing a pocket with my money clip.  Since my ears are not genetically predisposed to wear a headset without an ear loop, I had no choice but to offer the wonderful unit to my wife and set out once more to find a replacement.

At first glance, I thought the Voyager Pro esthetically unappealing.  It was a bit of a surprise considering Plantronics and its line of products including the ultra light Discovery headsets.  However, the more I read about the Voyager Pro and its features, the more I was willing to overlook its ungainly physical attributes.  When I finally wore it around my ear the first time, all remaining doubts were instantly banished. 

Build Quality, Form Factor and Fit
Like all other Plantronics headsets I have purchased through the years, the Voyager Pro is well constructed.  Build quality and fine choice of materials become immediately apparent from the moment the unit is picked up.

The unit is also surprisingly light, or should I say well balanced, despite its relative bulk.  There is a fair quantity of rubberized surfaces to ensure wear comfort.  The boom mike, though over 2.5” long, somehow blends into the unit very nicely from an esthetic perspective.

Once the unit is properly attached to the ear, the genius behind the form factor will become obvious to the wearer.  The “bulky” part of the unit (where the battery resides) fits perfectly behind the wearer’s ear and acts as a counterweight to the ear bud and boom mike in the front.  As a result, the unit rests easily on the wearer’s ear without applying undue pressure around the ear.  Compared with the Discovery or even the Voyater 855, this unit is considerably heavier yet the wear comfort is second to none.  All-day comfort indeed.

Since the bulky part of the unit remains behind your ear, most people can only see the boom mike while the battery unit remains obscured by your ear.

The on-off switch is placed at the bottom tip of the “battery” unit with a small red/blue LED immediately above it.  The LED serves as an indicator for the unit.  At the top of the unit are two small buttons for volume control.  At the pivoting point of the boom mike, the answer button is conveniently placed for ease of access.

Sound Quality
The practicality streak in me has consistently steered me away from other more eye-catching Bluetooth offerings such as Jaw Bone because I believe you cannot get better performance-to-dollar than the Plantronics headsets.

In the case of Voyager Pro, the sound engineers at Plantronics outdid themselves, and these are the folks that wrote the book on noise cancelation in demanding fields such as aviation and call centers.  With previous Plantronics offerings featuring varying renditions of noise cancelation technologies, there was a discernible background ambient noise that the callers could identify.  Even in a quiet full-size luxury SUV, callers could always tell I was driving when I was traveling at highway speed with those headsets.  With this unit, however, the background noise is negligible and people are often surprised to know that I am talking while driving.

The AudioIQ technology, the 2.5” boom mike, and the extra real estate on it to host multiple microphones are responsible for a new level of sophistication and effectiveness in noise cancelation.  The improvement between this unit and all other headsets is unmistakable.

I did have to train myself to speak at a normal volume (instead of shouting) with this headset.  The adaptive twenty-band equalizer automatically shapes and maintains sound quality and a comfortable volume intelligently.

Not only wind-proofing technology is very effective, but at times I find it too aggressive in low-wind outdoor situation where my voice is completely obscured/muted by the wind-proofing feature.

Battery and Other Features
According to Plantronics, the battery can power a 6-hour continuous phone call.  My calls are usually no longer than 1 hour each at the most, and with this headset I have no problems jumping on a number of these calls a day on one charge.

The Voyager Pro comes with another handy feature for the user to check the unit’s battery status.  It will issue a verbal warning through the earpiece when the battery level runs low.  You can also perform a battery check by pressing and releasing the on/off button quickly.

I love the Voyager Pro for its sounds quality and comfort.  From time to time friends and acquaintances will notice a bulky black and silver object behind my ear and inquire about it.  Then they will say, “I thought your headset was this boom mike…” or words to that effect.  It is definitely not a fashion statement but it is not gaudy and ugly.  It does have an understated functional elegance to it that spells “professional headset.”

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