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Plantronics Voyager PRO Black Ear-Hook Headsets

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I think I love it...

Apr 30, 2010 (Updated Aug 16, 2010)
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Pros:Noise canceling, dual mics, tone signals, logical control placement, warranty support

Cons:Connection/drop out issue occasionally? Battery issue 2nd unit

The Bottom Line: Excellent, original production run may have some firmware quirks.  Cancels outside noise(not wind noise), rubber joint tore pretty quickly.

I've had this headset about two weeks now.  I must say that so far, it seems to be a huge improvement over any other headset I've used.  As somebody already said, it's no fashion statement but it really does work better than any other bluetooth set I've ever had and I at least find it a good bit more comfortable than most other bluetooths I've used.  The original plantronics 510 was also a great set for it's time but it doesn't have noise suppression or dual mics, it's still an ok unit but this one really is a huge improvement. Full price this unit is not cheap but you can find oem and/or lightly used units on ebay in the 60.00 range (sometimes free shipping too).

What's in the box:
Power adapter (mini usb)
foam ear piece covers
three sizes of soft rubber ear pieces

Charge the headset overnight
Put your phone in search mode
Turn on the headset, the first time it's turned on it's automatically in pair mode
Your phone should pick it up quickly, mine didn't even ask for the stupid passcode (0000 or 9999, usually)
insert your preferred earpiece, install the foam cover if you like (these are a pain to get on the earpiece, they come off a lot so I just leave it off)

volume buttons are on top, push both simultaneously to mute
Answer/hangup button on the side of the mic.
Double tapping the answer button will redial the last call
I believe this also supports voice dialing but I haven't gotten around to setting that up on the phone.

Good stuff:
I was in a "very" noisey ice cream shop last night, music was loud and I could barely hear myself talking but the party on the other side of my call on this headset said he could hear me and understand me just fine and I could also hear him even over all the loud music.  I seem to get good battery life, it can go about two days with no recharge but the first few times you use it you should charge it every night to get the battery to full performance.  The way the unit is made makes it stay well hanging over your ear and I find it more comfortable than the usual ear wire made of plastic etc.  The controls are in logical places.  The boom (at least on me) places the mic(s) about the middle of my cheek and I think this has a lot to do with the great pickup because it's virtually on the side of the auditorium that is your mouth when you speak.  Beep tones identify incoming call, dying battery, out of range etc.

Bad stuff:
As I think someone already mentioned I've had a few unexplained drops in the middle of calls.  I've noticed that this seems to happen more when my phone battery drops below fifty percent.  I am wont to blame it more on my phone than on this headset.  I'm using this with a t-mobile HTC touch Pro 2 phone.  Sometimes, before the headset will work, you have to manually go to the bluetooth settings and hit connect to get it talking...most other times you don't need to.  As I've seen this on other bluetooth items with this phone still more inclined to blame the phone than the headset.

I believe this works better than any other bluetooth I've had. I don't tend to pay a huge amount for my headsets because they're always being lost or broken accidentally (which might be why I've never had one as good as this one before).  I researched hard before I bought this but so far it's been worth the money.  The rotating joint the boom is attached to goes up and down to adjust the boom but there is also a joint on the headset that allows the boom and ear piece to spin so that you can set it up for the other ear (i also find it takes less room if the ear piece is rotated inside so the boom points straight up).  I was impressed with the performance the other night in the noisey ice cream shop, it seems to handle that sort of noise very well.  The other day it was pretty windy outside when I got out of the car and the person on the other end commented that the wind sound was pretty loud and annoying, covering that ear with my hand solved the problem till I could get out of the wind. 

To close:
This headset is close to perfect, I would like to identify with certainly what's happening with the drop out and connection issues (which might really be the drop out issue...i.e. disconnecting on purpose) but I still think it's more my phone that is the problem than the headset. I will try to get that big mugen battery for it next time I've got the cash.  (After you wear it for a few hours it does make your ear a tiny bit sore but nothing like a lot of the other headsets I've owned).  It's worth the money, will try it on another phone to see if I have the dropouts there as well but they are all HTC phones so it may be an HTC issue more than an individual phone issue.  I'm not sure what bluetooth standard is on my phone...could be some sort of slight incompatibility or needed update with that as well.

update: I called Plantronics about the headset dropping, they said they don't have the touch pro II on their list of problem phones.  It was suggested that I rip out the bluetooth driver, reboot and reinstall it; that helped but didn't cure it.  Plantronics suggested rebooting the phone with the headset turned on, that also helped.  I've had one or two drops since I did these procedures...the call is still connected but the headset drops out..sometimes you can get it to reconnect by pressing the answer button.  If you can deal with this occasional issue it's still a great headset, maybe HTC will issue a firmware update to fix this problem. 

update: Had this thing only a matter of weeks.  The headset is designed with some pliable rubber sections where it goes over the ear and connects to the boom mike (for more comfort).  Apparently if you do too much twisting and turning (there is a joint here for this) you'll be ripping that rubber sooner or later.  I was keeping this in a pocket on the outside of my phone case..apparently too much stress getting it in and out of the pocket..don't know..but the rubber around the joint has torn now.  Well plantronics already told me I could send it back on the drop issue, now I have a second reason to send it back.

update: Took about a month, plantronics sent me an entire new unit, sealed box with headset and ac adapter...which is great because this uses the standard mini usb and many newer phones have switched to mini usb to charge with so the extra charger is welcome for visitors that need to charge their phones.  Have been using the headset a lot of for several days since it came drops yet...hopefully it was just an early production firmware problem.  Will be a lot more careful with that rubber joint now, carry it in a much roomier case with less stress getting it in and out of the pocket.

update 8-16-10: Sigh, about to send it back again, this time for a charging issue.  The drops stopped completely with the new headset but now the battery won't take a charge.  That teensy microusb plug is sometimes not great, I always have to fiddle with it before the charge light comes on.  The headset got quite warm one night and now will not take a charge..I suppose the charger might have been plugged in wrong but I don't think so...back it goes again.  This unit is large enough physically to put a mini usb on it instead of the micro usb..I guess it's how the companies keep getting your cash for adapters and cables, very aggravating.

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