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Play-Doh Fun Factory

Mar 27, 2010
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Pros:Includes Play-Doh, fun, imaginative, durable, and educational.

Cons:May contain wheat, cleaning can be more involved, children seem to like to eat Play-Doh.

The Bottom Line: We recommend this toy as a fun, educational, and expandable toy the whole family can enjoy together.

The smell of fresh play-doh takes me back to childhood.  It's that feeling that makes me so excited to share Play-Doh fun with my children. 

This kit comes with 2 containers Play-Doh , 1 extruder, 2 slides, and 1 "cutting" tool.  
* Our box contained blue and orange Play-Doh.  
* The blue and yellow extruder is made from two pieces of molded plastic.   It has extra small molds in the shapes of a butterfly, a smiling face, and a car.  More on how it works below.
* The two slides slide into a tract on the front end of the extruder. On the slides there are 5 patterns/shapes each.  These are:
 star, leaf, circle with diameter (creates a tube), ovular rectangle, cubed square, a 4 paned window, bars, spiral circle, poka dots (makes spaghetti), and 3 close circles.  

The extruder can be used on its own, or with the included slides.  If you wish to use the slides you will need to slide the desired slide into the tract on the front of the extruder.   Whether you use the slides or not the Play-Doh will be loaded in the extruder in the same way.   Lift up the yellow handle on top of the extruder, insert Play-Doh into the hole, press down on the yellow top, and the Play-Doh will come out the front of the extruder in fun shapes. 

Very important to note on any toy in my opinion.  The clean up isn't difficult, but it does take a few moments of your time.  No different than many other craft activities.  Getting the Play-Doh out of the extruder can be a bit challenging.  I find it easiest to remove the slide from the front, press the yellow top handle down to express large amounts of Play-Doh left in the extruder, and then use the cutting tool to "dig" out the remaining Play-Doh.  I follow this up with a wash in warm, soapy water.   The slides receive the same treatment.   By the age of 4, the kids are very happy to help with the cleaning process.  

The extruder, slides, and cutting tool are made of plastic and are very durable.  The yellow handle top and blue base of the extruder come apart, which is nice if you have a toddler who likes to throw things down on the floor.   Ours has not broke, despite many tumbles from the table.
The Play-Doh is like all other Play-Doh.  If it is not stored in a sealed container it will dry out.  

*Motor skills: The process of putting on the slides, putting in the Play-Doh, and operating the extruder handle requires the kids to use their fine motor skill, as well as hand-eye coordination.  Putting a small amount of Play-Doh into the molds, and then carefully removing it works fine motor skills, too. 
*Color recognition: Play-Doh comes in many colors, but even just using the included Play-Doh helps to teach and differentiate between colors.  You can also do a color blending art lesson.   Let the kids blend two colors of Play-Doh to see what color they can create.    
*Care of their environment:  The importance of taking care of things is an easy lesson with Play-Doh.  If the Play-Doh isn't properly taken care of, it will be too hard to play with next time. 
*Shapes, critical thinking, and spatial relations:  For younger kids you can work on circle, star, square, etc..   But as they get older and are familiar with the basic shapes, the lesson can be expanded.  They pick out the shape on the slide, put the Play-Do in the extruder, push down, and get to see how that flat shape translates.  For example, the small circles make spaghetti like noodles.  

Can be used with other Play-Doh kits or just Play-Doh to add features to creations.

*Finger/small hand dangers:  It is possible for a child to squeeze fingers in the extruder when they press down on the top to push out the Play-Doh.  Doesn't seem to be a recurrent problem, though.
*Yummy!:  Children seem to think Play-Doh is tasty. 
*Allergy note:  Play-doh has a warning on the package that Play-Doh may contain wheat.
*Labeled for ages 3 and up.

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 4.99
Type of Toy: Arts and Crafts
Age Range of Child: Whole Family

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