Now he has a flashlight just like Daddy's!

Jul 3, 2004
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Pros:Easy handling for toddlers/preschoolers. No small parts. Changing colors.

Cons:Automatic shutoff too quick.

The Bottom Line: I would recommend this flashlight, because it is durable and has some fun features.

I just went rummaging through my 4-year-old son's toybox to find a toy on which I could write an epinion. After studying my list of already-written reviews, I noticed that I only write epinions about products that I really love. This most recent trip to Henry's room was an excursion to find some item to which I could not give 5 stars.

Our Experience with this Toy

We became the proud owners of the Playskool Made For Me Flashlight on my son's 2nd birthday. Henry always wanted to play with my husband's flashlight, so I asked my mother-in-law to buy him a toy flashlight. Henry thought it was great--it was yellow just like Daddy's and it had an on/off switch just like Daddy's. But, greatest of all--the Playskool Made For Me Flashlight had a turn-knob on the side that changed the color of the light from white to red or green. It also had a big handle, which made it easy to carry. At age 2, Henry played with the Playskool Made For Me Flashlight several times a week, especially in the evenings before bed.

What I Love about this Toy

The Playskool Made For Me Flashlight is made of tough hard plastic--dropping or throwing could not harm it (but watch out if you are the one on the other end of the throwing). My son enjoys changing the colors of the light with the knob. In addition to the on/off switch, there is a push button underneath the handle that will turn the flashlight back on, if the automatic power shutoff turns off the light. I love that this toy works enough like Daddy's that it kept my son from wanting to play with the "real" flashlight in our drawer. Also, we have had the Playskool Made For Me Flashlight for over 2 years, and I think we've only had to change the batteries one time.

What I Don't Love about this Toy

Although the automatic power shutoff feature is probably the reason that we rarely have to change the batteries, it is fairly annoying that the flashlight turns itself off after 20 seconds. I just tested it, and the light dims then goes completely off in 20 seconds. Pushing the button underneath the handle or switching the on/off switch to off, then back to on will make the light come on again. But although my son now keeps this toy in the bottom of the toybox, I remember that he didn't like it when the light would go off so quickly.

Other Stuff

I believe my mother-in-law got the Playskool Made For Me Flashlight at Toys R Us.

Etched into the side of the flashlight, it says that if you have questions, you can call 1-800-PLAYSKL (1-800-752-3755).

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