The Improved Sequel To Pokemon Colosseum

Apr 6, 2008
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Pros:Good story mode, can trade pokemon with a Gameboy Advance pokemon gamepack.

Cons:Single players can only do quick battle in VS. Mode. The dialogue sometimes seems childish.

The Bottom Line: A great game for pokemon fans and those who enjoy monster raising role playing games.

1-4 players simultaneously
ESRB rating-E (cartoon violence)
Progressive Scan Compatible
Gameboy Advance Compatible

As the sequel to Pokemon Colosseum, Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness for Gamecube is improved with better graphics, new games, and an all new story mode. The only loss when compared to the previous title is that there are fewer tournaments.

STORY MODE: The story mode takes place in the Orre region, an area unique to Pokemon Colosseum and Pokemon XD. Unlike the majority of pokemon games, the focus isn't on catching wild pokemon and beating the pokemon league. In Pokemon XD, you play a young trainer who has to battle against the criminal group called Cipher. Cipher (which was thought to be eliminated five years ago in the story of Pokemon Colosseum) has made a comeback, and are once again using their shadow pokemon for wrongful purposes. The shadow pokemon are pokemon that have been turned evil, and rescuing them is a main point in the game. By using the snag machine, you can steal shadow pokemon from their trainers and purify them (restore them to normal). There are two ways to purify a shadow pokemon. The normal way is to simply spend time battling other trainers with it. As time passes, the shadow pokemon's heart meter will gradually turn from purple to white. When the meter is completely white, the shadow pokemon can be purified. The other purification method is done at the Pokemon HQ Lab. That is where the purification chamber is located. Up to nine shadow pokemon can be placed in it, and each one can have up to four normal pokemon around it. The more normal pokemon there are, the faster the shadow pokemon can be purified. The purification chamber allows you to purify more pokemon, more efficiently, than you could on your own.

Two fun extra features in the Story Mode are the Battle Bingo and the Battle Sims. Battle Bingo gives you a card with squares, most listing the type(s) of an unknown pokemon, while around two others will have a question mark on them. The object of the game is to flip all the cards over. To do so, you are given a pokemon (only for the Battle Bingo) that has two EP, and a master ball. It takes one EP to flip a card over. If you flip a pokemon card over, you will face a pokemon in battle. If you beat it, you can proceed to another card. You can also use the master ball to catch it. This new pokemon can be used in the battles, and comes with two EP. The question mark squares hold either a master ball or a number of EP for you to distribute among your pokemon. You also get one EP for every bingo you make. You can have up to four pokemon, and if you run out of EP, than you lose the game.

Battle Sims are more straightforward. These are simply simulated battles with preselected pokemon and various rules. The object, of course, is to beat your opponent. However, these simulations are made to test your knowledge of battles, and often require a specific strategy to win. Altogether, there are fifty battle CD's, although some are double sided, giving you two battles in one CD.

VS. MODE: This mode is not as varied as it was in Pokemon Colosseum. It has the quick battle feature (a random battle) and a multi-player mode, where up to four friends can create their own rules, choose an arena, and battle.

GRAPHICS: While the pokemon look the same as they did in Pokemon Colosseum, the graphics for their attacks have been improved.

Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness is a great game. The only issues are the lack of tournaments and the games language, which sometimes may seem immature (for example, a small number of characters refuse to say the pronoun "I," instead preferring to say their name over and over). Still, this game is definitely worth playing.

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