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Porcelana Fade Dark Spots Nighttime Treatment 3oz

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Porcelana does fade away dark marks, but takes a long time

Jan 5, 2008 (Updated Jan 5, 2008)
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Pros:Does work, inexpensive, wide availability

Cons:Bad smell, Needs to be used consistently to permanently remove dark marks.

The Bottom Line: Porcelana does fade away hyperpigmentation marks. Though you need to give it time, and you need to use it everyday to see good results.

If used everyday, Porcelana Nighttime Treatment will take from 3 months to a year, perhaps even more to fade away blemishes completely.

Porcelana contains 2 percent hydroquinone. Hydroquinone is a very common ingredient in skin lightening treatments because it inhibits the production of melanin (skin pigment). Hydroquinone creams are recommended for blemishes by dermatologists and most skin experts because hydroquine does really work. There is only 2 percent version from this company that I know of.

The consistency is very thick and creamy. It isn't sticky like Esoterica's nighttime treatment. The smell of hydroquinone isn't good but Porcelana does a good job of masking it with other ingredients. It is still may be intolerable for you and those around you because it smells like depilatory creams (e.g. Nair) but somewhat lighter.

You would have to apply a thin layer to the blemishes and other hyperpigmentation marks every night, and always apply a strong SPF sunscreen during the day to ensure that the spots don't get darker. Avoid applying the fading cream to the other skin because you don't want those parts to get lighter. I used this on the dark patches on my knees and elbows, and blemishes on my forehead due to past breakouts. I even use this on active breakouts and find that it prevents the pimples from leaving blemishes.

Of course you have to make sure to keep using it everyday until the scars are gone or otherwise they will just come back, so patience pays a lot. But as according to the directions, if you don't see any results in 3 months, discontinue. I have used it on scars and I saw results. for example, I had a hideous scar on my breast from eczema, and within a few weeks the treatment made it noticeably lighter. The scar is now barely noticeable. Younger scars are usually easier to fade than older ones so results may differ.

As the label advises, avoid contact with eyes. Do not use this on dark eye circles even though it may be tempting. I admit I did use it around my eyes because I was desperate and out of options, but then I got smarter and stopped using it because no matter what I do, I could never prevent it from getting it into my eyes.

The label also says to not use on children under 12, and if you're pregnant or breastfeeding consult a doctor before using.

You could find this product at drugstores, Target and Wal-mart. A 3 oz. bottle goes for $5 - $9. This is actually good compared to Dermesse (4% hydroquinone) which is $60 for 2 oz. I used Dermesse for a month, but I didn't see quick results that I would expect from such an expensive product.

Also I should mention, there is also a daytime version Of Porcelana Skin Lightening Treatment, I can only guess that it is less creamier, lighter, and contains sunscreen. That is how Esoterica daytime and nighttime versions differ.

Both Porcelana and Esoterica recommends using both daytime and nighttime for best results. I do not know if this is the case. My dermatologist recommended that I apply it at night, so I just got the nighttime treatment. You could use the nighttime treatment during the day time if you find the consistency to be tolerable (it's heavy).

This treatment is probably not effective on very dark skin, you may need to consult with a dermatologist, s/he may prescribe you a stronger formula.

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