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Power Plank Ab Trainer makes me look like Ms. Bikini Universe

May 2, 2011 (Updated May 2, 2011)
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Pros:effective, less pain than without the machine, easy to use

Cons:the warranty, boring

The Bottom Line: I like it. This is different than other abdominal machines. 

I love yoga. One of the classic poses is the plank. It is super for my abdominal area and strengthens my back. However, it isn’t without problems. I have had two rotator cuff (shoulder) injuries. The plank can aggravate those injuries. In addition I have problems with my wrists. Some say using a dumbbell to hold rather than putting my hands directly on the floor helps. It doesn’t help me so I just grin and bear the pain.

In comes the Power Plank Abdominal Trainer, which may not ever give me rock hard abdominals, buns, and thighs but it does offer a nice ab workout without the pain.

About the Power Plank

Let me start by saying that this really has to be on a carpet or mat. There is a bit of rubber on the bases but it really isn’t enough to protect your floors. Our basement is carpeted but do not plan on using this on a floor unless you don’t mind scratches.

The maximum user weight is 250 pounds.

Much of this is made of steel with foam rollers I will talk about.   
It is intended for people over the age of 12 and the literature suggests wearing clothing that can’t get caught in the equipment.   
It weighs 26 pounds and measures 19 inches long by 30 inches wide by 39 inches high so the Plank is not large and fits easily in a corner. It is light and can be moved fairly easily. In addition it folds almost flat like an ironing board.

There is a 30-day warranty, which I do not consider a warranty but there isn’t a whole lot to break on the Power Plank except the "computer."

It comes with a decent sized (5 1/2 inches by 3 inches) LED Fitness Fast Computer, which give me my time, count, calories, and strides (or moves) per minute.

There are four levels so the higher the Plank is the harder it is. 

Let’s use the Power Plank 

It isn’t difficult getting situated on the Plank. I put my forearms on foam pads and hold onto the arms, which are covered with rubber.
The next step is getting comfortable with the bottom foam pads. My knees go right between two sets (4) of what I think of as rollers like you would find if you do leg extensions.

Without these foam rollers this would be impossible to do because your knees would really hurt. I was concerned at first because (I am getting older!) my knees can give me trouble. So although the traditional Yoga plank hurts my wrists and shoulders, the Power Plank can be detrimental if you have knee problems. You won’t be able to use the Plank, for example, if you have had a knee replacement but please talk with your doctor because everyone is different.

The other problem you might run into, which is the same as the Yoga Plank, is pain in your lower back if you have back problems. So far this sounds horrible but it really isn’t.

The Power Plank replicates the Yoga plank and more. In order to replicate the Yoga plank, my knees would be off the floor. That is one huge benefit because there is no pain on my knees using the Power Plank. I crunch and then going back I am in a Plank. So it replicates a reverse crunch combined with a plank. The reverse crunch is usually done on the back. On my back I would crunch in my knees while bringing up my head.

The way the machine is made keeps my back flat, which is crucial. You may have seen people doing planks in Yoga and their butts are way up in the air and their backs are sloped. That is incorrect and the Power Plank will put you in the right position.

The top of my body remains stationary as I bring up my legs which slide along the Plank. I can work slowly or very quickly. I can easily turn my legs to the sides to work my obliques.

Jo’s Final Thoughts

Perhaps I like the Power Plank because it allows me to do an exercise “crunch” not on my back, which if you read my reviews I am in favor of. Perhaps I like it because I feel it working my butt as well as my core.

Perhaps I like it because it takes me from a Plank position to a crunch.

Perhaps I think I will look like the spokesperson for the Power Plank, Miss Bikini Universe.

It cost me $99.00. 

The only complaint I have, which I have for just about every kind of core work, is the boring part.

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