Powerhorse Gas-Powered Pressure Washer - 2.5 GPM, 3000 PSI, 208cc Reviews

Powerhorse Gas-Powered Pressure Washer - 2.5 GPM, 3000 PSI, 208cc

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Powerhorse 208cc 6.5HP 3000-PSI Pressure Washer

Aug 5, 2011 (Updated Aug 7, 2011)
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Pros:3000-PSI! Strong Motor! Cleans Anything! Easy To Start! Chemical Injector! Pneumatic Wheels! Steel Construction!

Cons:Low Quality HP-Hose! Comes With Only 2-Nozzles! Does Not Come With Engine Oil!

The Bottom Line: This is your best bang for buck pressure washer. It will give you the cleaning power you need, without breaking the pocket book.

10-years ago, I owned a commercial Excell 3000-PSI pressure washer, with a 13-HP Honda engine. Believe it or not, it was my first and best pressure washer I ever owned, but had to give it up for reasons, which I will not discuss here. Then I purchased a B&D 1600-PSI electric pressure washer, which was by far, the worst washer I’ve owned!

Black & Decker 1600-PSI pressure washer review

Because of the constant issues I had with it, and its inability to pressure wash cement driveways in any reasonable time, I decided to get rid of it, and purchase this 3000-PSI pressure washer from Powerhorse. For those of you who are not aware of that brand, they are a China made machine, their engine, is a clone of the Honda engine.

FEATURES: “Powerhorse 208cc OHV engine with cast iron sleeve and low oil shutdown” “Direct drive axial pump with adjustable pressure” “Produces 2.5 GPM @ 3000 PSI” “Downstream chemical injector” “25-ft. high pressure hose” “Thermal protector” “Includes 3-ft. lance, 25° high pressure nozzle and detergent nozzle” “Steel frame with big 10in. pneumatic tires”

PACKAGING: Though I was not impressed with the packing job they did, I have to admit, it worked. Instead of using foam, or paper, they just used pieces of thick corrugated cardboard. Each were placed in between the different pressure washer parts, and one piece was actually bolted underneath the engine block.

ASSEMBLY: I found the assembly to be somewhat difficult for one person to do. If one person was to assemble this pressure washer, without making mistakes, it would take you 1-hour. As I made a couple of mistakes, due to the manual not being precise enough, it took me 2-hours. I would imagine it would only take 30-minutes for two people to do it.

Word of warning, the pump already comes with 30-weight non-detergent oil installed, however, the engine does not come with oil. Do not run this engine without oil, till you can pickup some standard 30-weight oil.

ENGINE: The Powerhorse 208cc engine delivers 6.5HP of power to the direct drive axial pump. It has a cast iron cylinder sleeve and has a low oil shutdown solenoid. This is basically a Honda clone engine, just is not built commercial quality. This thing runs very efficiently on gas, I can pressure wash for an hour and still have ¾ of a tank full.

PUMP: There are three different kinds of pumps to consider when choosing a pressure washer. The “wobble” pump, is the lowest quality pump. It is designed for only home use consumers, and has a life span of 200-hours. An axial pump, such as the one this pressure washer has, is designed for more moderate use, and will last up to 600-hours.

The third type of pump is a triplex pump. It is designed for heavy duty commercial use, and has a lifespan of up to 1000-hours. Unfortunately, these pumps cost a lot of money, and thus, are not found on consumer models.

ACCESSORIES: This unit only comes with a 25’ high pressure hose, and a couple of nozzles. I don’t like the 25’ hoses because, they cause me to have to move the pressure washer all the time. Having only two nozzles, does not give me much variety for different job uses. However, this unit does come with a chemical injector hose, and I think that’s great!

EXPERIENCE: After I hooked up the garden hose, high pressure hose, I filled up the 1-gallon gas tank. Starting this thing is not that difficult, I put the choke to full, throttle to full, and I pull the rope. After a couple of pulls, she started right up, I put the choke to half, and dropped the throttle to low idle.

After the engine warmed up for 30-seconds, I put the choke off, and raised the throttle to full. After I put in the 25-degree tip, I was able to pull the trigger and go to town. With the onboard regulator, I can adjust the pressure from next to nothing, all the way to 3000-PSI of raw cleaning power!

However, if you have had any experience pressure washing before, then you know it’s a good idea, to coat the surface with detergent first. Only use pressure washer safe detergents, they are generally bio degradable and non toxic, which is why Simple Green can be used! DO NOT EVER USE BLEECH!!!!! It will destroy the pump!

To use the chemical injector, install the black nozzle tip to your gun, and then place the chemical injector hose, into the detergent container. As soon as I press the trigger, detergent comes out after a few seconds. Once the surface is thoroughly covered in detergent, let it sit for 5-minutes, then switch to your high pressure nozzle.

In my opinion, the chemical injector worked awesome, so soapy and sudsy, you could almost take a bath in your driveway! Hey, at least you would come out smelling good with Simple Green lol. I bought a special cement tool cleaner accessory called a water broom.

At first I was wondering if 3000-PSI, would be enough pressure to supply enough water to 4-nozles at once, without loosing cleaning power. I am happy to say that it did not loose anything, and it was able to reduce my cleaning time for my driveway more then half!

16” Water Broom For 3000 to 4000 PSI Pressure Washers

Because my house had not been pressure washed in several years, it was getting pretty bad. I had bird poop, everywhere, and had dirt and moss buildup, in the back of the house. After applying an all purpose detergent from Campbell Hausfeld, I went to town with the 25-degree nozzle.

You should have been there, the pressure washer took that dirt and moss off like it was butter. I also had the typical type of dirt that everyone gets on their gutters. Weather using the 40-degree or the 25-degree nozzles, both of them were able to remove the dirt, off of the gutters, with ease!

You got to be careful with this pressure washer though, 3000-PSI is a lot of pressure! And I would highly recommend that you don’t use that kind of pressure to clean your woods! 3000-PSI is perfectly capable of ripping up the wood, and leaving it ready for dry rot to form later. Regulate your pressure down to about 2500-PSI or lower when cleaning wood.

3000-PSI is perfect for cement though, and I used it with the 15-degree nozzle to clean a small pathway. I can not believe how fast I cleaned that pathway, must have only took 1-minute to do, and I was done! The pressure washer has a quality engine, it runs very strong and consistently, weather the trigger is pulled on the gun or not.

So far, this pressure washer has not given me any problems in the 3-hours that I have used it. Infact, I achieved the breakin in 3-hours, so I drained out the engine and pump oils. I switched the engine over to 10W-30 Valvoline Max Life Synthetic, and replaced the pump with non-detergent 30-weght oil.

Restarting the engine is not too difficult as long as you use the choke. I think that since there is constant water pressure against the pump when the water is on, the engine needs more oomph to start after you have shut it down, that’s why the choke is needed. However, it will start back up on the 1st or second pull.

When putting the pressure washer in storage, I like to put some RV anti freeze into the pump, as to keep the insides of the pump from corroding, or the water inside, from freezing, during the winter months.

Because of the 25’ hose limitation, and the limited nozzles, I bought a higher quality 50’ high pressure hose and the rest of the nozzles, which is a complete 5-nozzle set. And the water broom cuts my driveway cleaning down to at least half, if not more! If you have trouble installing the chemical injector hose onto the pump, heat it up to make it more pliable, and it should slide right on.

CONCLUSION: While an electric pressure washer is perfect for cleaning houses, provided the washer runs properly, it does not have the power needed to clean driveways. This is why this gas powered 3000-PSI pressure washer fits the bill nicely! Plus its portable, your not going to be stuck to an outlet that you have to stay close to. I would have given this washer 5-stars, if it had come with a longer hose and all the nozzles.

MAINTENANCE: To keep any machine running, not just this one, you have to maintain it. Cause, if you don't, you can expect it to give you problems in short order. As far as the engine is concerned, its a good idea to change the oil every year. Keep the engine clean in general, and always remember to clean out the cooling fins and blower housing.

Marvel Mystery Oil

GAS CAN CHOICE: If you can get access to an older can with a flexible spout, thats your best bet. However, if you are buying new, I highly recommend you purchase a can with the no-spill technology. Read my review for the 1-gallon can version...

Blitz No-Spill Design Gas Can 

GAS PUMPS: If you are planning to use a gas pump on a gas can, I have found the Superflo by Flo-N-Go to be the best one.

Superflo Gas Pump

Prolonged exposure to loud noises, can cause hearing loss. Please use ear plugs while operating equipment.

Mack's Ultra Safesound Earplugs

NOTE: Thanks goes to Dawn for adding this product to the database!

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