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Presto 7039 Non Stick Electric Skillet

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Love this! Great for everyone!

Dec 15, 2011
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Pros:Easy clean up(submergible), simple, good heat settings, versatile

Cons:Vulnerable to scratches, doesn't maintain non-stick coating, right side heats better

The Bottom Line: The Presto 7039 Non Stick Electric Skillet is great for both families and singles alike. I really enjoy this product and I know those who invest in it will too!

My family loves the Presto 7039 Non Stick Electric Skillet! We've had it for something like over 2 years now and it's still going swell. We use it for everything from pancakes(and especially great pancakes if you ask me!) to toasting bread and grilled cheese sandwhiches to grilling fish. This skillet is great for those who are looking to make cooking quick and simple with as little steps and clean-up as possible. It comes with three easy-to-put-together parts: a liquid catcher (catches any drippings from cooking something, like bacon), a cord with a dial attached to it to control heat (just plug it into a socket), and the electric powered skillet itself. Clean-up is easy! Although I wouldn't necessarily submerge it, it is possible to submerge the skillet in water to clean it without damaging it. Just make sure you unplug it first. However, rather than submergence, I always just let water kind of run over the top of it as I wash it with a soap and sponge. I understand that this may just be a preference of mine and nothing more. Greatfully, I've not had any water related problems with it thus far (over 2 years). After you're done washing it let it air dry a decent amount before plugging it in again to use. To clean the cord and dial just use a towel of some sort to simply wipe away any grease that may get on it. And that's it. We've kind of done away with using anything else to cook with really, except pots. One of the only bad sides is that after a while things weren't so non-stick, but it's nothing a little butter can't fix. You can't use this product to make soup either. Besides that, I highly think that you won't regret buying this item! It's overall a wonderful and well-priced investment considering how much and how long you'll be able to use it. The Presto 7039 Non Stick Electric Skillet has worked wonders for us and hopefully it will accomplish the same for you!

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