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Presto FryDaddy 05420 Deep Fryer

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Great little fryer for students, singles or couples

Jan 6, 2012
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Pros:Easy to use and store
Cooks faster
Cooks more evenly
Food is lighter and crispier

Cons:Hot sides
No splatter screen 
Countertop gets too hot
Plastic scoop not metal
Flimsy Lid

The Bottom Line: I recommend this product because using a larger fryer is too much work and the amount of food this fryer makes is good for 1 or 2 people.

One day while surfing the net I stumbled across the Fry Baby - 2 cup miniature deep fryer.  Seeing as I hate the hassle that goes with home frying, I was intrigued.  The prospect of frying quickly and with such little oil was very appealing.   Sadly, upon searching the internet, I discovered that the fry baby was no longer available.  

Not to worry, Presto makes a slightly larger Fry Daddy!  It uses 4 cups of oil, and is about the size of a small bucket of chicken.  Perfect... I wanted one.  I set out to find one.   Find one... I could not.   No one in Canada sells these.  I looked everywhere, to no avail.  

One search on turned up a shiny new fry daddy, which cost just as much to ship to me as the unit itself.   But I had to have one.  

One week later, the Fry Daddy arrived, welcomed by a freezer full of finger foods and a pack of fresh chicken wings.  Not to mention the 30 year old man jumping for glee.  I'm kidding.  Excitement aside, I immediately set to work.   Here is my experience with the Fry Daddy.

First impression:

After unpacking, I was quite impressed with the unit. I was afraid it would be too large, seeing as I was first interested in the Fry baby -  but this was the perfect size for me and a buddy or two. I was not happy about the plastic scooper it comes with.  I was expecting metal.   I will be using my own.  Out of the box, the plastic margarine-container type lid was very warped out of shape. and took a great deal of force to snap on initially.  The construction is solid, with thick, high quality non stick aluminum and bakelite base with rubber feet.  The outside is also non stick for easy wiping after use.  The handle is also made of aluminum and is decorative when not in use. The plug in is a standard mag-safe type and falls off with the slightest touch, for safety.  The unit takes up very little space in storage.  


I added oil to the max line and plugged it in.  15 minutes later we were ready to fry.  In went the wings, 10 of them, coated in my secret blend.  8 minutes later they were done and after the first bite I concluded that I had definitely outdone myself.  It makes a better wing.  I don't know how, but it was so light and crispy,  so evenly cooked.  Not one bit oily or greasy tasting. Suddenly I was more popular around the house.  Awesome.  A few more batches of those later...  Next went the onion rings.  WOW! they were done in 2 minutes and again no oily taste like my big fryer.  Tried a handful of frozen fries, which took 4 minutes and were also lacking in the oily dept.  Some popcorn shrimp for good measure, and we're spent.  Delicious - and so easy.  TOO EASY.  


A breeze.  The nonstick inner and outer surfaces came clean as new with just a quick wipe.  Filtered the oil and added it back into the pot.  Snapped on the lid and away it went into the cabinet.  But it won't be in there for long... grins.

Bottom Line:

The Fry Daddy cooks 2 servings of one of a variety of foods at a time, very quickly and with little oil.  The oil level after cooking barely moved, so I can say the food did not absorb much oil.  I would recommend this product to students, singles, or couples who do not like to mess around with a big 2 L fryer and waste large amounts of oil that sits unused and goes rancid. You can even throw the oil away with no remorse.  

One thing I would suggest is using a splatter screen while frying.

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 25

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