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Presto! Your personal heating problems are solved!

Jan 7, 2011 (Updated Jan 11, 2011)
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Pros:Silent on Hi setting, lightweight, very warm, directional, lasts forever!

Cons:Annoying buzz when moved while running. Recurring heat coil noise when not on Hi setting.

The Bottom Line: I highly recommend this if you are looking for a heater for yourself, a crib, or a pet, but are not looking to heat up your entire home.


1000 watts
120 volt
3415 BTUs
18.5" H, 12" W, 16" L
Weight: 5.9 lbs.


We were stuck with a broken furnace in our house in the middle of winter and needed a quick solution. The only store that was open and nearby was Costco. The only space heater Costco offered in the whole store was this Presto dish. 

At $60 I shuddered at the thought of spending my hard earned money on a little heating dish. We felt we had no choice so I went ahead and purchased it. 

That was three years ago, and we are STILL using it every single day of the winter. We have two Chihuahuas and they never venture far away from it all winter. 


This space heater stated on the directions that is was meant as a directional space heater for warming whomever is in front of it, and that it was not designed to heat up an entire room or home. This has been perfect for allowing us to keep our home at a low temperature, such as 65 degrees, in the winter, and being able to read or watch a movie while sitting in front of it on the couch. At 6' long, the cord length is long enough to reach the nearest plug from most anywhere in the room. It is not incredibly long, but is definitely not too short for practical use around the house.


We have not let any material directly rest against the dish, but have had many things very near to it without a problem. There are always blankets, cords, clothes, furniture, and other items that are left nearby and nothing has ever been singed or burned. We don't have any children in our household, but very small hands would definitely be able to fit into the dish and possibly to the coils, so I would think of that as a possible issue if you will be having small mobile children near it.


On initial startup, you can hear the heating coils receiving the electricity and heating up. There is no fan or motor that makes noise constantly like other styles of space heaters. One of the only drawbacks is that if you set it to the Medium or Low settings, the coils temporarily cool off, and then re-heat again, causing the coil noise to occur each time. When left on the Hi setting, the dish runs completely silent.

Product Lifespan:

Winter in Utah lasts at least five months of the year, if not seven. During the winter time, we have had this dish on anywhere from two to fourteen hours a day, EVERYDAY. As I stated earlier, this is our third full winter we have had this same dish, and it has worked perfectly. This dish only rests at night and during the summer. This dish has probably had over 3,000 hours of run time under its belt already and I have not noticed any signs of slowing down.


I was very hesitant to buy this dish in the first place, but it quickly became a staple in our household, and I can't imagine what our Chihuahuas would have done without it the last three winters! I highly recommend this if you are looking for a heater for yourself, a crib, or a pet, but are not looking to heat up your entire home. 

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