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Presto 03430 Pizzazz Pizza Oven

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Oh MY Gosh! Easy Cook Presto Pizzazz Pizza

Oct 28, 2008
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Pros:Easy to set up, cook with and pizza is tasty, even cheap frozen ones.

Cons:Plate is somewhat difficult to set on base. Cleaning the plate can be trying.

The Bottom Line: I recommend this product because it is easy to set for optimum cooking, and is economical since, even cheap pizzas taste good.

I love a good slice of pizza so when we received our Presto Pizzazz Pizza Rotating Oven as a gift, I was excited to begin using it as soon as possible, but alas we didn't have pizza one in the house.

I came here to read all the reviews about our Presto Pizza Oven. There were so many favorable ones, that just built on my excitement even more. Finally, when the opportunity arose, my husband bought frozen pizzas. The first time we used our Presto Pizzazz Pizza Oven, I set it on dual for bubbly cheese as well as a crisp crust. I do so love a crisp crust. Then was time for the fun.

We watched as the pizza turned on the rotating base and cooked to perfection. I watched as the cheese became brown and bubby over the whole top of the pizza. The smells emanating in our kitchen were so tantalizing, I could hardly wait. With great expectation, we kept checking to make sure our pizza was exactly as we wanted it. Within minutes, I believe it was 15, our pizza was ready to savor. Now for the consistency and taste test.

With the first bite, we knew we had a winner. When it came to the crust being crispy, I wasn't disappointed, and the cheese was melted throughout and the middle was completely cooked. There wasn't that sogginess, in the middle, that often happens with regular oven baking.

Even though we had a frozen pizza, it tasted like home made. There wasn't that card board taste like when cooking in an oven either. Every bite was just wonderful. We enjoyed the whole piizza for a welcome change instead of just wanting to eat the outside area. Even cheap pizzas taste fine with this machine-amazing.

Three things I really like about our Presto Pizzazz Pizza Rotating Oven are:

1. It was so simple to just set and then watch the  pizza cook. I like that I can set it for cooking the cheese completely or for the type of crust I want, doughy or crisp or I can set it at dual for both. I love the fact that within minutes, my pizza is cooked the way I want it. On those nights when you don't have a lot of time before being in a school play, the whole family can enjoy their pizzas their way and in a short amount of time.

2.It saves us a lot of money since we never order pizza delivery anymore. This one time investment, especially in these times where it is said there is a recession, will be a great one since you are not spending on unnecessary items.

3. It's fun to watch the pizza while it cooks and the scents permeating our kitchen brings real enjoyment. Entertain your family and guests by having them watch while their pizzas rotate and cook. Have their senses filled with scintillating spicy, italian scents.

Now for my views about clean up of our oven:

The very first time I cleaned it, I found the bumps somewhat difficult to clean around. But I learned, later, after using our Presto machine more times, that if I didn't allow our pizzas to cook too long, there wasn't the problem with leftover crust stuck on and around the bumps. I have not used a spray but I will in the future.

I also use a soft scrubber so I don't scratch the cooking surface. This allows me to get around the bumps as well as on the tops of them.

One very small complaint I have is:

Setting the plate on the peg so that it doesn't wobble is not very easy. But this is so minor, it isn't something I can't live with.

When setting one of our pizzas on the plate, I accidentally touched the top element and cheese stuck to it. So be very careful when you are putting your pizza on the plate. I also don't recommend you put the pizza on first, then putting the plate on the base. I learned not to do that the hard way. My pizza just about ended up on the floor.

I see us using our Presto Pizzazz Pizza Rotating Oven for a long time to come. It has turned out to be one of our favorite kitchen appliances.

It was great for my soon to be son-in-law's first visit, who is a devoted pizza man. My daughter, who can't even hardly cook, had no problems cooking his pizzas. If she can use this machine, anyone can.

Something else I should mention is, when the plate is turning, there is a clicking sound and it also tilts. Nothing was said about this in the manual. So if you hear that sound or see it tilt, don't concern yourself, it's just all in the process for cooking.

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