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Prince Lionheart On the Go Bottle Warmer (883413783476)

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Works great, but is it really necessary?

Jul 10, 2007 (Updated Jul 11, 2007)
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Pros:Convenience, durable, compact.

Cons:One use at a time before needing to be boiled.

The Bottom Line: I recommend it to someone who prefers the convenience of not having to have electricity or hot water on hand.

How I got one:

I got this gizmo for my sister when she was pregnant, and she returned the favor when my son was born.

What it is and how it works:

It is a nifty fabric pouch with an ice pack looking thing inside that you can insert a baby bottle in. The white plastic pack is removable and is what you 'activate' by snapping the little valve before wrapping around a bottle to start the heating process. It really works well, and the 4oz. bottles of breast milk that I used it with heated up in approx. 10 minutes depending on their coldness.


The only inconvenience that I experienced was that it would need to be prepped again before it could be re-used. It made sense, but when I was out for the day, I couldn't just find a place to boil the pack and re-set it before the next feeding. You see, you have to boil the plastic insert to make it hard and re-set the chemicals before it will work again. It was helpful for a quick run to the store, especially when my little one went longer in-between feedings, but when he ate every 3 hours it was only good for the first feed.


Besides the minor issue of needing to re-set it I really liked the portability (it is small) and the fact that you didn't need anything else to make it work. Some other warmers use your car lighter or a plug, but this one requires just a pre-prepped insert. In addition, it worked as well on the 20th use as it did on the first, and I liked the fact that I could wash the fabric pouch and that the insert was basically sterilized by boiling every time. So, I recommend it with the caution to think about if you will really need it (not that it is expensive but mine ended up sitting in the closet with my second baby). For example, nowdays you can get a cup of hot water in a lot of places. I have heated bottles in water meant for tea on the boardwalk in NJ., outside a convenience store in the middle of nowhere, and even used a piping hot cup of water from a fast food drive through. Yes this device is safer and potentially less messy, but I fear it isn't a real must have!

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