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A New Mom Must Have!

Apr 11, 2002
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Pros:Keeps small items safe in the dishwasher, heat resistant, sturdy.

Cons:None at all!

The Bottom Line: A must have for new moms! Saves time, ensures small items won't get lost, durable, lasts forever.

I received this when I was pregnant with my youngest son. In all honesty, it sat in the closet for six months before I gave it a try. It was simply easier for me to clean the bottles, nipples and collars by hand than to have them stacked up in the dishwasher. And there is nothing worse than the smell of sour / old milk and it lingers even after the bottles been thoroughly rinsed. When I first opened the box I immediately though This will last a week – tops. Almost six years later, this thing is still being used albeit for different applications.

The Prince Lionheart Tot Dishwasher Basket is a rugged little thing. Made from heat resistant plastic, this is a product that can easily be used well after your child is out of the bottle stage. Since the only bottles we have here are for abandoned animals, the Tot is being used to protect and secure small kitchen items in the dishwasher.

The Prince Lionheart line of products have become a household name at Casa Del Freak. They have unique, dependable and quality products that are well wroth their weight in gold. From water bottle adapters to diaper warmers, this company caters to the little people in your life. IN my own personal experience, they have the best line of safety products and items for baby proofing a home as well. My only complaint, if it can even be called a complaint, is that some of the products are a little hard to find.

Tot Dishwasher Basket

The Tot Dishwasher Basket is an awesome invention. Much like your typical silverware basket found in most dishwashers, this has a secure snap type lid that keeps items safe. The snap type lid is strong but not so difficult that you work up a sweat trying to get it open. It is the perfect size as well; measuring seven inches in length it is long enough for almost all children’s silverware. The height is almost six inches so you’ll have plenty of room for sippy cups and lids.

The Tot Dishwasher Basket is made from a very strong plastic – the same used for baseball cap washers. This has stood up to almost six years of use and is no worse for ware. It cleans up easily with a finger brush or old toothbrush. This is something that you will want to do every month or so just to make sure there isn’t any grime or old food particles stuck in the bottom portion of the basket.

Placing this in your dishwasher is simple. If you have prongs on the bottom rack, you may have to play around a little to get it seated properly. This can also be used instead of the standard silverware basket. This is a little too big to fit on the top rack of my dishwasher but not all units are the same so you may have better luck in this department. Once it is in place, it doesn’t move around or rattle and the water jet has little effect on it. If you plan on running the heating element [drying cycle] you might want to remove this prior to the start of the cycle. There’s no chance of the basket melting, but nipples, collars and sippy cups might get warped from the extreme heat exposure.

Other Uses

As I mentioned earlier, my boys are well past the stage of baby bottles, but that doesn’t mean that this needs to get thrown away or given to someone else. I used it on an almost daily basis for some pretty strange things :] When my sons started to complain about some of their white Lego pieces getting dirty I had three choices – throw them in the sink and wash them by hand [uhhh no], toss them in a pillow case and take my chances with them in the washing machine [again, no] or give them a spin in the Tot Basket. After a few trial runs I finally got it right – fill it half way with Lego pieces and place it on the bottom rack. This also comes in handy to dry them – flip the basket a few times so the water drains away and you have nice, clean Lego’s in about 12 hours.

This is also great for sippy cup tops, water bottle lids, juice box covers, plastic spoons that get tossed around by the water jet, blender blades and rings, small hand held graters, assorted small toys that need a good cleaning, canning lids and rings, medicine spoons, small measuring cups and pacifiers.

Who Needs This

This would make a great, inexpensive gift for a soon to be mom. As I said, this is something that can be used well after a child grows out of the bottle stage. Anyone that has a child that uses sippy or training cups would also benefit from this if they use their dishwasher on a regular basis. Outside the dishwasher this can be adapted for use with a draining rack to keep the small pieces from falling through and require another washing.

If you are planning on buying this as a gift, make sure you are purchasing a plastic, heat resistant basket. Some products that look identical to this are not meant for use in the dishwasher and will warp. Worse, it might melt all over the inside of the dishwasher.

Overall this freak gives the Prince Lionheart Tot Dishwasher Basket two freaky thumbs up for being safe, sturdy, inexpensive and versatile. This has really saved me a lot of time in the kitchen – I don’t have to stand over the sink and perform some type of surgical procedure to make sure that everything is squeaky clean.

The Stats

Complete Name: Prince Lionheart Tot Dishwasher Basket
Size: 7 x 6 x 5
Material: Heat resistant plastic
Warranty: 1 year
Cost $6.99

You can see some of the other products by Prince Lionheart at their website

If you are having trouble locating products, you can call them directly at 805-922-2250 or email them at

Current Prices $8.50 plus shipping $6.99 plus shipping

As always, thanks for the read!

^V^ Freak ^V^

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