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Dilute, and use in moderation...
by snowshoekitten
Hi there,

My sister swears by the stuff, and she's tried lots of products. I recently tried an off-brand that has the same ingredients as Proactiv. My experience has been that the repairing lotion does dry the skin and it can feel a bit gritty. I experimented with diluting the solution with a little bit of water in my palm and then working it into my face gently. This seems to work better. If the concentration of benzoyl peroxide is too high for you and dries you too much, you might try adding a few drops of water to the lotion to lessen the intensity. I also alternate with other products occasionally when it seems like my skin is getting too dry, and then back to the solution when it needs more help. Hopefully someday they can work out an improved formula for the repairing lotion that not only attacks acne but also soothes the skin and incorporates a little more moisture. In the meantime, mixing in some of your own moisturizer or water with it might just do the trick!
Apr 24, 2006
7:34 pm PDT

Re: Proactiv Inactive
by naadira03
If you have any of the Proactive left please continue to use it. My daughter, who has had very troubled skin since age 11, did not see results for 2 months !!!! After one month there was very little change. Good Luck
Oct 31, 2004
3:51 am PST

Re: Proactiv Inactive
by naadira03
If you have any of the Proactive left please continue to use it. My daughter, who has had very troubled skin since age 11, did not see results for 2 months !!!! After one month there was very little change. Good Luck
Oct 31, 2004
3:48 am PST

Dryness? Do not fret - still a great product, just need to modify your regimine with the moisture spf15
by lsmathis1
I agree that they system can be drying. Obviously this happens with most acne treatment that involves levels of benzoyl peroxide. Anyway, you can solve this problem and still receive the great benefits of the original 3 step system by adding the "moisture spf 15" to your regimin. For those of you who have oily skin like I do, I'm sure you're a bit hesitant to add any more moisture, but I assure you, it WILL NOT poorly effect the results or make your skin oilier. Use the "moisture" on the areas your experiencing dryness, which is not usually the T-zone area anyway.

I had used this treatment when I was younger (19) and it didn't work for me, but now at 26, I picked it up again to give it a final try. I have always had mild breakouts and tried everything from the Dermatologist, and the stronger the medicine, the worse my skin looked. This time around with ProActive, I've stuck more to the system without incorporating any other "non-proactive" lotions, creams or other treatment. I think this has been essential to my new success with the product.

I have been back on Pro-Active for 8 months now and I've had less than a handful of tiny blemishes since. It's as perfect as I've ever seen my skin. This skincare system may not work for everyone, BUT I urge you to try and it and see for yourself. You will not know unless you try, and more than likely, if followed correctly (and no picking at any blemishes you might already have)you will be thrilled with the results. Clear, even skin most likely awaits you. Again, nothing works for everyone, but I am so thrilled I tried it again. It has been such a blessing in my life. I currently use the 3 step system, the Moisture lotion spf 15, the refining mask (essential)and the oil blotter sheets. All of these items have changed my life. No more crying about my skin - I will be on Proactive as long as it's available. For those more mature skins, don't forget about the repairing lotion with Retinol...great as your skin is ageing.

No one should have to live with visible acne. Treat yourself to this system. There is a better chance of it working than not. It's amazing.
May 7, 2004
11:35 am PDT

Proactiv Inactive
by abaker
I started using the famous proactiv three piece kit about a month ago. You know, the one heavily celebrity endorsed...the one that's on the tube at the wee hours of the morning. Anyway, I became really excited that this could be the magic bullet for my persistent break-outs. To my dismay, I was terribly fooled!
For the first two weeks my skin really did look better, and I was thankful for that, but after that my skin went back to its same old nasty habits. Proactiv was not the solution for me.
Currently, I am exploring the world of skincare in desperation, trying to find something short of a visit to the dermatologist that will give me the perfect clear skin I always dreamed of having. Wish me luck.
Oct 2, 2002
6:20 pm PDT

I think it dried out my skin too
by mst3k4evr
I started using Proactiv four days ago and already I am experiencing some dryness in some parts of my face. After reading this review, I think that maybe the repairing lotion might be the reason(and the cleanser as well since they both have benzoyl peroxide). But it has made my face less red and the pimples are starting to disappear already, though they aren't totally gone yet. I hate to totally give up on this product.
Apr 26, 2002
10:52 am PDT

Re: My friend...
by ddustyrose
I'm Melissa Solomon's Mom and I was wondering what this HALLELUJAH diet was? :)
Oct 6, 2001
8:43 am PDT

My friend...
by Caprig
....swears by this stuff. Since she went on the Hallelujah diet though, I think she stopped using it because she did not need it anymore. Her skin got to looking like a young womans again with no blemishes either!

I wondered if it dried out the skin. Now after your good review here, I know for sure!

Keep up the good reviews,
Oct 3, 2001
4:57 am PDT