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May 27, 2008
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Pros:Gas fireplace. Small in size. Heats up room quickly.

Cons:Wish it ran by remote. Little noisy.

The Bottom Line: If your looking for an inexpensive gas stove, or would like to have a back-up heat source I would highly recommend the Procom gas stove.

Okay sorry about the cheesy title. But I thought "Burn In Hell!!!" would be to dramatic though it would probably attract more attention.

First off, I've always wanted to own a gas fireplace. And truly needed a good heat source for the family Home Theater (HT) we have downstairs. In the winter time our I mean our Home Theater would be unbearable in the winter, with room temperature sitting at 52 degrees.

Enter the "ProCom Vent Free Natural Gas Stove". (Actually I prefer fireplace). My home theater is now complete with our new gas stove/fireplace.

The ProCom gas stove, has a maximum output of 30,000 BTU. Which keeps our (HT) that measures 35ft x 14ft, nice and toasty. I had tried using electric heaters, to heat the room, but for a room that size they had no chance. So basically 2 months out of the year our theater was closed....bummer.

My wife and I had checked out local stores for fireplaces, but the prices ranged anywhere from $1000 to $3000 plus installation cost. Which is way out my financial league. In a nutshell I'm a frugal spender.

So I went to a place where I do most of my shopping, and no it's not Walmart. The Internet of course. Lets face it with Ebay,, and thousands of other vendors on the World Wide Web, and with no tax, it's tough to beat the internet when it comes to pricing.

I purchased my vent-free gas stove from a sight called also known as "Northern Tool and Equipement".

Oh, and I saved several hundreds of dollars doing so.
I paid only $169.99 for my fireplace. My first thought was, this has to be to good to be true. There is no way a gas stove/fireplace can be this cheap, reliable, good, and safe.

So I thought what the heck, the reviews on the Northerntool websight about the Procom were great. Maybe I have found an inexpensive little jewel. Not only that, but it comes with a 3 year parts and labor manufacturers warranty. So it can't be total crap.

Thinking I was going to have to spend a least $1000+ to get my fireplace, I was thrilled with the price of the Procom. Not only that, but with all the extra money I was going to be saving I also ordered a Procom Hearth Pad for $70. It has a granite top with Oak trim to it. It weighs 44lbs so it's a solid piece, not a cheap piece of junk.

The Procom cast iron stove weighs 83 pounds, which made it easy for me to maneuver down the steps into the (HT). With the gas stove on top of the Hearth, it makes for a very attractive heat source in our room.

The Procom stove features a built in thermostat. On the dial the numbers go from 1-5. 1 being the lowest setting, and of course 5 being the highest. When set on 5 the stove will run continuously. I normally set mine on 1 or 2. At those setting the room will reach 70-72 degrees, and the stove will automatically shut down to just a pilot light. When the room temp. drops to about 66-68 degrees the stove reignites itself to warm up the room again. Basically it runs like your furnace.

I love this feature because the last thing I want to be doing during a movie is getting up every 15 minutes to turn on, and turn off a fireplace.

The Procom also has a built in oxygen sensor. Basically if the oxygen level in the room gets to low, the fireplace will automatically shut off.

As an added safety precaution, that does not come with the gas stove, we have a carbon monoxide detector plugged in downstairs. As well as a fire extinguisher on hand. File that under better to be safe than sorry.

Also as an extra precaution, I had a professional installer put in my gas stove for only $150. The installer who has been in the business for 25 years told me the fireplace I have is a complete steal, and that he sells the same product for $600-$800. He blew me away by telling me it's the best gas stove you can get. And that he owns 2 of them. It's also his top seller as a dealer.

And before he left my home, he told me if I ever wanted to sell it to please call him. He also admitted to me that Northern tool is where he orders his gas fireplaces from.
That's when I knew I hit jackpot with this gas stove.

Installation took about 45 minutes, the installer ran a flexible hose from a tap on the furnace to the back of the gas stove. It was an easy procedure considering my furnace is located behind the wall of where my gas stove is located. So distance wise were talking about 10 feet.

The installer spent 20 minutes with me going over the safety features of the stove, and showing me how to use the igniter switch to light the stove. This is another reason to have a pro do this for you. The installer really put my mind at ease, and insured me that this was a very safe gas stove. He also told me that the top of the fireplace stays cool enough to the touch,and that you can set candles on it, and they won't melt. He said he personally has a digital photo frame that's sitting on his.

Still, being the cautious person I am, I prefer to keep the top clear of any objects. I think the Gas stove looks attractive the way it is.

Okay now it's time for a quick review,


- Procom Gas Stove -- $170
- Procom Hearth Pad - $70
- Shipping ---------- $100
- Installation ------ $150
- Total ------------- $490

Shipping took about 7-10 days to receive. I can't remember exactly.

Not a bad deal if you ask me.

So whats in the box? Well, glad you asked.

The cast iron gas stove of course.


(Much like this review the directions could have been better written)If you have it installed like I did,
the directions won't matter anyway.


for the gas stove.

(A BLOWER PLATE)----------

That's used to hold a blower.For an extra $100 you can purchase a blower. For the few scratching there heads, a blower blows the heat out into the room. Personally I don't think you'll need one because this little stove pumps out a lot of heat.

(GAS LOG SET)-----

Realistic looking ceramic logs.These alone would cost you a $100 or more. So I'm glad it was included in the purchase

(PROS) ---

Takes only minutes now to heat my room.Heat rises so it also heats up the upstairs. This will cause your furnace to run less,and save you money. Something the installer verified.

Gas stove measures only (32in Wide x 13in deep x 25in tall). So it takes up very little space, which I love.

The Procom gas stove does not require electricity to work, so if your power goes out in the winter, you'll still have a nice backup to keep warm. Our power went out last winter, and let me tell you, we were miserable, It's nice knowing my family has a backup source of heat.

I find the gas stove to be attractive. Maybe not as attractive as a an actual fireplace with a mantel. But when the lights are off who cares, you still get to see that dancing, mesmerizing yellow flame.

(CONS) ---

Makes the same hissing noise that a furnace does. Hey... I needed something for the cons section. Actually when were watching a movie you don't hear it. But it would be nice if it were quieter. Remote control would have been cool. But that's not a big deal to me. I guess that's it
for the cons.

(Currently---May 25th 2008)

Northern tool has the gas stove listed at 219.99. I imagine the current economy problems has caused the increase. But still that is a good price.

If you are interested in seeing photos of my set-up, gas stove, and my home theater pics.

You can go to Click on forums tab. Than click on (My Home Theater Showcase). Look for "Semler Cinema Home Theater" On page 4 you'll see my Gas stove.

If you have any questions on the Gas stove, feel free to ask. I'll try to answer your questions as best as I can.

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