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The best pad I have tried - and I have tried them all!

May 10, 2009
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Pros:Very thin, super absorbent, no leaks, comfortable, never bunches, stays put

Cons:Pricier than most other pads

The Bottom Line: Always makes great pads but thier Infinity Supers are THE best I ever tried of any brand. I'll use no other type now.

It takes a lot to get me to write a review of sanitary napkins, as they are referred to, but, after trying Procter & Gamble Always Infinity Super 18 ea, I just had to say Hallelujah! These pads are super thin and they absorb better than any other pad I've tried.

About the Product

Made with Infinicel that absorbs 10x its weight, yet feels amazingly light.

Incredibly soft cover Microdots for fast absorption Revolutionary wing design to secure protection Form-fitting channels for great leakage protection Designed to be wider in the back.

Manufacturer's Info


These pads come in a dark blue reclosable box. The pads are individually wrapped in lime green wrappers. Some women don't like that they are so obvious, but I don't care. If someone is looking into my purse, then they see what they see. The wrappers make the typical amount of noise when they are opened, another thing I don't care about. I mean, I'm a woman and I get my period. Other women probably realize this. The pads are super thin and quite long with wide sticky wings. The back is wider than the front part of the pad and they're slightly hourglass shaped so they don't bunch up.

My Experience

I don't use tampons because I had toxic shock syndrome and don't want to chance that again. I also just don't like the way the feel. So, I have tried just about all the pads out there that would be discrete, comfortable and, most of all, leak proof. I can't tell you how many times big bulky pads have leaked and ruined my underwear or worse.

I picked up a box of Always Infinity Super because I had a coupon and generally use Always brand pads. There were a lot of claims made about these pads and I honestly didn't believe them. Pads are pads. They shift, they bunch, and they leak.

Or do they?

When it came time for me to actually test the pads out, I laughed at how thin they were. They are no thicker than super panty liners or thin mini pads! The pads have small holes in the middle that supposedly wick away liquid and moisture.  The backs of the pads have a row of horizontal slits. These pads feel more like soft foam than cotton or other absorbent material. They're very soft and pliable. The box claims that the pads can hold up to 10 times their weight.

Well, it was time to theory out that test. I felt very unsure about the pad when I used the first one because it was so thin. It stuck nicely and the wings were wide and also stuck nicely. The pad shape was perfect. I didn't even feel like I had a pad on. The pads are definitely the most comfortable ones I have worn but comfort is only one aspect of a menstrual pad.

Not to be gross, but I tend to have a heavy flow the first two days of my period and have been known to "stack" two maxi pads for coverage. I only used one little Always Infinity Super and held my breath. To my surprise, the pads really do what they say. They wick away liquid and never leak. I mean NEVER! The only thing that could be an issue is that the never look like they need to be changed because all the fluid is trapped under the surface. They never feel heavy, even after a couple hours.

I wore just one pad to bed (and boy was I worried about leakage) and woke up to NO leakage and no clumping, crumbling, bunching, or other unpleasantness. I was amazingly impressed.

Since then, I have worn nothing but Always Infinity Pads. I bought the Regular, Super, and Overnight and all have been Godsends. I no longer feel like I'm wearing a diaper for five days and leaks are non existent. I go through less pads per month and I feel much more confident in general.

These pads are truly awesome. They're pricier than typical cotton pads but they're worth every penny. I no longer have to "double up" at night and endure discomfort and bunching. These pads stay put and stay dry, making me feel much more hygienic. I hate dealing with my period every month but Always Infinity Pads make the ordeal much more bearable.

Buying Info

Always Infinity Pads, Super come in boxes of 18 or 36. They're about $6.00 for 18 and $10.00 for 32 but there are loads of $4.00 off coupons floating around for a box. I bought three larger boxes of pads for $6.99 each, enough for at least three to four months or more. These pads are sold at drugstores and mass-market stores on and offline.

My Conclusion

I am thrilled with Always Infinity Pads, Super and the other varieties. They are all I have in the house now. Gone are the extra thick, bulky pads, the mile long ones that couldn't be disguised no matter how loose my clothing was, and the pads I had to stack in two, to be sure I was covered and had no leakage. Always Infinity Pads, for me, are the best pads out there. Too bad they came out with them when I'm in my 40's and don't have that much longer to endure my monthly "curse". 5 stars.

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