Procter & Gamble Odor Shield All Day Clean Bath and Body (37000234876) Reviews

Procter & Gamble Odor Shield All Day Clean Bath and Body (37000234876)

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It's OK, but not great...

Jun 14, 2010
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Pros:Does leave a fresh scent that lasts.

Cons:Won't lather, doesn't clean as well as previous versions.

The Bottom Line: I bought the Odor Shield All Day Clean on sale with a coupon and it was worth a try.  I haven't been impressed.  The older Gillette versions are better.

I have been using Gillette body washes for a couple of years now and they have worked very well.  Unfortunately, Gillette seems to have changed everything that was great about their line of body washes.

Their Odor Shield All Day Clean Body Wash seems to be a new formulation.  It is in a new bottle style than the previous body wash line (I preferred the old bottle.)

The good stuff - the Odor Shield All Day Clean Body Wash will clean, just not as well as I am used to with the other Gillette products.  It does seem to leave a faint scent that lasts a long time.

The not so good - I find that you have to use a lot more of it on the washcloth to get the same amount of cleaning as the previous versions - and then, there is NO LATHER.  The instructions say to lather with it, but it will not lather (even with soft water.)  It also has a kind of different smell (like a weird assortment of spices) that is not really pleasing first thing in the morning.  The bottle seems to be smaller than the previous bottle style although I haven't compared the number of ounces since I can't find one of the older bottles.

The bottom line - I bought this on sale and with a coupon, so I can't complain too much, but that's the only way I would buy this product.  I am not as satisfied as I was with the Hydrascrub with Power Beads or the 2 in 1 Hydrator Body Washes also by Gillette.  Both of these lathered well and cleaned well (at least my skin felt cleaner).

My bottom line is that if you have a coupon or find the Odor Shield All Day Body Wash by Gillette on sale, you might want to try it.  We all have different preferences.  Personally, I would not pay full price for it.

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