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Tastes great - bad side effects

Mar 12, 2005 (Updated May 23, 2006)
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Pros:Great flavor, healthier than carbonated bevs.

Cons:May cause symptoms in some people: cramping, diarrhea, sleeplessness, headaches and overall restlessness.

The Bottom Line: It's great tasting water! BUT...I caution people to take of possible side effects due to the sucralose in Propel.

One of my goals this year was to drink more water. I know I need to drink at least 8 glasses a day but for whatever reason I find it really difficult to do this! I'm been a vegetarian for the past 9 years so it amazes me that I can give up meat without a second thought but I do everything in my power to avoid water! It just tastes too boring to me and truly takes an effort on my part to take in my daily requirement! day I tried Propel fitness water and thought - this tastes incredible! I bought a couple cases of it and literally went through 3 of the large bottles everyday. I was so proud of myself until I started having really weird symptoms...

I would get mild-moderate cramping every morning that would last pretty much all day. I was afraid to eat anything because it caused diarrhea and kept thinking...what is wrong with me. I couldn't sleep (and I normally fall asleep when my head hits the pillow) and felt overall restlessness day or night. At first I thought it was the fact that I'd been really sick with a sinus infection the week before. But then we took a 4 hour road trip which caused me so much discomfort I thought something was seriously wrong with me.

I had cramping, nausea, diarrhea that lasted until I ran out of the water. I assumed it was ok to drink - considering Gatorade is recommended for replacing those lost fluids in your body. I rarely if ever get motion sickness, especially after a 4 hour car-trip, so I knew it couldn't be that. I just chalked it up to eating late at Chili's that night! But the symptoms persisted weeks after the car-trip and sinus infection.

We finally ran out of the Propel water in our household and after about two days off of it, I felt much better. My fiance put two and two together...who would have ever thought WATER would make you sick?! I looked this up on the internet to see if anyone else had these problems and sure enough - there's sucralose in the water (like splenda) that can cause these symptoms in some (not all) people. Just a caution to people out there - if you start experiencing these same symptoms, take it seriously and stick to regular, plain 'ol water.

ADD ON (2006) - I was recently discussing splenda with my sister as I knew she was using it for awhile in her baking. I learned that she, too, cannot handle the sucralose in splenda. She would get pretty ill and had a lot of the same symptoms I did!

I'll stick to real sugar...goes to show you that even when they "say" it may be healthier, that's not always the case (at least not in mine)!

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