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Propel Water for Fitness, Sports, Nutrition? What Is It For?

Jul 3, 2002 (Updated Mar 4, 2003)
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Pros:Cute, easy to drink from bottle. It has a few vitamins.

Cons:It isn't worth the money. There are other ways to get flavored water.

The Bottom Line: I can't recommend this product. It is a waste of money and a fancy gimmick. The packaging is cute and the vitamins may sell you but don't be fooled.

It isn’t news that an active adult should be drinking about 10 glasses of water a day. It probably isn’t news that, according to a Propel Water popup as little as 2% dehydration can cause a drop in endurance by 6-7%. I had read some reviews on epinions and had a coupon for $1.00 off 2 bottles of Propel Fitness Water so I bit.

About Propel Water:

~It comes in 2 sizes. I bought the biggest bottles, which are 23.7 ounces or 700 ml. It also comes in 500-ml bottles (20 ounces.)

~It comes in several flavors: berry, black cherry, orange and the ones I bought are lemon.

~Propel Water is made by Gatorade and touted as "A Fortified Water Beverage with Vitamins."

~It is made with purified water and is not carbonated.

~At you can read about Propel Water and see a cute pop up.

~It should be refrigerated after you open it.

~It contains no fruit juice.

The Taste:

~I can only tell you about the lemon flavor but I have a feeling the other flavors would have a similar affect on me. I found the lemon to leave a slight burn in my throat after swallowing it. The taste isn’t bad. It definitely does not taste like lemonade. It is too tart for real lemonade. It tastes like Gatorade or some bad flavors of Crystal Light.

The Packaging

~The bottle of Propel Water is almost identical (The cap may be a different color.) to Gatorade Frost if you have seen or had that. I think one of the reasons these fancy waters have become so popular is because of the packaging. People think they are either cute or cool. You can even buy a string that goes around your neck, which will attach to certain brands of water. The water is clear but it looks blue through the bottle, which may attract some age groups.

~There are a few things I like about the packaging:

1. I like the grooves in the bottle, which make it very easy to hold.

2. Before drinking Propel you have to pull out a sealed top so you know that this product could not have been tampered with.

3. I like the cap. It is very different. On the one hand it feels like you are sucking on a pacifier, but on the other hand, unlike traditional bottle caps that often you either have to squirt into your mouth or suck hard, this water comes out of the top very easily. I often end up taking the top off my store bought water bottles with caps because it is easier to drink from. Not so with Propel.

4. The cap turns to come up a little bit and that is when the water can come out. Turn it back and it is secure enough that you don’t have to worry about it leaking.

Great- I like the bottle but what about the water?

~A lot of people have a hard time getting enough water into them. In my opinion, Propel Water is an expensive and needless way of doing so plus I don’t like the taste.

~There are many tips to drinking water. One is to add a slice of lemon with some Splenda or Stevia (natural sweeteners) or go the unnatural route and just add a bit of Crystal Light to your water. It will taste really good and make it much easier to drink water. True you won’t be getting all these nutrients, but we will look at that in a moment.

~Other tricks to drinking water is to always have it with you; buy a special bottle that makes the water appealing, or if you are working out (You need water even if you aren’t) then drink a set amount every 15 minutes. You can think up your own tricks to getting water into you. Propel is not one of them. I do not drink tap water but I surely won’t be buying this again.

For Whom is Propel?

~Just to summarize from the website Propel is intended for people who drink water rather than a sports drink. It is for people who are active, but unlike Gatorade it isn’t intended for the extreme athlete who is looking to replace fluids and get more energy while working out. I am not reviewing Gatorade so that’s all I will say about that product.

~Propel basically is flavored water with a few vitamins and although the bottle says Fitness on it, it is really just a flavored water for people who won’t drink plain water.

What is in Propel Water?

~It has three B vitamins – Niacin, (25% of what you need in a day), B-6 (25%) and Pantothenic Acid (25%). It contains vitamins C (10%) and E (10%). Unless you absolutely refuse to take a multi vitamin and want to spend this much money for water with a few vitamins, this is a waste! Sure there are vitamins, but not enough to make a difference. In fact, we are told at the website that, “Propel is designed to provide an additional source of vitamins in our diet without over doing it. We should consume a wide variety of foods and fluids to obtain our requirements of vitamins. Propel’s formulation follows this strategy by providing up to 25%, which does not exceed the Daily Value based on a 2000-calorie diet.”


Propel has 10 calories in each 8 ounces, 3 grams of carbohydrates for 8 ounces, no fat, 35 mg of sodium for 8 ounces, Potassium 40 mg for 8 ounces, 2 grams of sugar for 8 ounces and no protein. There are 3 servings in my 23.7 fluid ounce bottle. If I drank the whole bottle, which isn’t a lot of water, I would get 24 grams of carbohydrates, which isn’t bad if you are looking for a little bit of extra energy.

Other ingredients:

~Purified water, sugar, natural lemon flavor with other natural flavors, citric acid, sodium citrate, potassium citrate, the vitamins already mentioned, and calcium disodium EDTA to protect freshness.

Where is it sold?

~I bought them at the supermarket but you will find Propel at convenience stores and just today I saw someone buying it at CVS.

Other information:

~There is a code rather than an expiration date so if you buy this you may want to know how long it has been on the shelf.

~The bottle is plastic and can be recycled (#1). Please recycle it.

My final thoughts:

Although I don’t like Propel Water and think it is a waste of money, if you have a 2 for 1 coupon and need some carbohydrates quickly this isn’t a terrible product to keep in your gym bag. You will have to drink all 23.7 ounces, in my opinion, to get any kind of energy burst. The good news is that it is low in sugar; however sugar boosts energy so this truly is not a product for anyone doing any heavy weight lifting or intense cardiovascular type of workout. You may as well just have some water and an energy bar packed away. You will get more vitamins, in my opinion, and more energy, although it will cost you more calories.

I drank it today during a workout (Not for the first time!) and got absolutely nothing from it. I stopped for a cup of coffee on the way home. The company, though, is not claiming to have made this for the athlete. It is made for someone who wants flavored water with a couple of extra vitamins thrown in.

The bottom line is I see no value in this product other than its cute, easy-to-drink from bottle.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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