Protech Drill Bulb Planter

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Wow! This Bulb Auger is a real time saver

Mar 28, 2008 (Updated Aug 12, 2011)
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Pros:quick, easy, time saving

Cons:the end that connects to the drill wears down with heavy use

The Bottom Line: If you love to plant bulbs in mass and want to do it in a hurry, pick one of these up. It does the job in short order

I love spring flowers, but planting bulbs can be tedious work. Previously I have tried several other gadgets for bulb planting but none of them ever were much better than a simple garden shovel, until I saw this auger for bulb planting.

Description of the Drill Bulb Auger
When I purchased mine a couple years ago, the auger was available in two sizes. One for large bulbs and one for smaller bulbs. One was about 3" and the other was about 2.5" I purchased both but honestly the size was not a whole lot different so I would just suggest getting the larger one. The drill bit is about 24" long and works with any electric drill.

Using the Drill Bulb Auger
You will want to use an electric drill for this. I tried using a rechargable battery type drill thinking it would be nice not having to drag an extension cord around my backyard, but it did not have enough power, and the drill would simply stop. We have clay soil so if you have really loose soil a cordless one might work, but quite frankly if your soil is that loose you probably would not be looking for a drill bit to do the job.

One fall I used this auger to plant over 1000 daffodil bulbs in my wooded backyard. After you have connected the Drill bulb auger to your drill securely, apply pressure to the spot you wish to drill and turn on your drill. It will in a few seconds drill your hole leaving a pile of soil around the edge. Then you can set your bulb and simply push the soil back in the hole to cover the bulb. You can easily plant 50 or more bulbs in an hour. If you have a helper one person can drill and one person can set the bulbs and cover. If you are working alone you might want to dig a few holes and then set and cover a few bulbs at a time.

Helpful Tips and Troubleshooting
Since you are using a drill to do garden work you have to figure there are a few things to be careful of.

1. Be careful to keep the cord away from the drill bit so that you do not ruin your cord. It is very easy with continued use to forget where the cord is and have it wrap around the drill. I have done it a few times but it has not cut the cord because I stopped immediately and was using a very heavy duty outdoor extension cord

2. If you have clay soil, it is easier when the soil is slightly damp...not soaking wet! If you have not had any rain you might want to water the area 24hrs before you plan to dig.

3. Check often to make sure that the drill bit is securely fastened to your drill. The size of the bit and the job you are doing can cause it to loosen and this can lead to the end that connects to the drill wearing down.

4. If the end that connects to the drill wears down do not buy a new one, just cut the end off with a hack saw or if it is really worn you might just be able to snap the end off. I have done this several times.

5. Use the bulb auger in short burst to avoid damaging it if you should hit a rock.

6. This is a lot of work on your drill so if your drill starts to get hot give it a rest.

7. Enjoy your beautiful bulbs!!!!

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