Pur FM3700 Vertical Faucet Mount with 3-Stage Filtration, Chrome Reviews

Pur FM3700 Vertical Faucet Mount with 3-Stage Filtration, Chrome

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Pur Faucet Filter - A simple solution for disgusting water

Nov 2, 2008
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Pros:Drastically improves the quality, smell, and taste of your tap water. Very cost effective.

Cons:A little bulky in your sink, but worth it. For cold water only.

The Bottom Line:

I don't know how I lived without it! The pur saves us lots of money on bottle water and is very easy to use!

We have put this Pur filter to the ultimate test as far as I'm concerned... and could not be happier with the results! Living a couple miles from a sulphur spring in a 'boom' town that has outgrown its water system has its downfalls. A few months ago, our tap water was so gross that we routinely bought huge jugs of water to use for anything and everything. The tap water tasted horrible, smelled like sulphur some days and a swimming pool on other days, and instantly killed any fish we bought regardless of water neutralizers we used. We had looked at and considered an in-line water purifying system, but living in a small condo, the option was no economical or feasible space-wise. I tried the Pur faucet filter on a whim one day when I found it on sale and will never live without one now.

How the Faucet Filter works:
The Pur Faucet Filter attaches onto your existing faucet and gives you the option to run tap water through your main faucet like normal or to divert that water through the attached carbon filter cartridge for filtered water. The filter unit, which is cylinder about the size of your hand, sits to the side of your faucet once installed and diverting water through it is as simple as rotating it to the vertical position. A small window on the filter housing changes color over time, alerting you to the status or your filter and how long you have before it needs changed.

What it Removes:
The Pur filter removes a wide range of chemicals and contaminants from your water as well as the smell and taste they leave behind. According to consumerseach.com: "PUR's 3-stage filter is certified to reduce a broader range of contaminants than any other standard water filter, including cryptosporidium and giardia cysts."In fact, the list of items removed from your water by the filter is so long, there's no reasonable way to include it in the review. I would recommend you reference the Pur website at http://www.purwaterfilter.com/faucmounsysn.html for the full list.

Installation Process:
Although the installation instructions provided with my unit were not well-written or really even correct, the installation process is pretty simple. Using a small wrench or pliers, remove the end cap of your faucet where the aeration grid sits (it just screws off and if you really do have bad water, you'll be surprised and the build-up there). The Pur unit then screws onto the end of the faucet and seals with no damage done or permanent altering of your faucet. The filter drops easily into the housing and you're ready to go!

Cost Effectiveness:
As water filters go, you have to be prepared for their to be a cost involved. However, once your factor in the amount you save on pre-bottled water and how long the filters last, the cost of owning a Pur is nominal. The unit itself is typically priced around $30.00 here and includes a cartridge to start with. I often see them on sale though and actually bought mine for just over $20 in a cool gift pack that included a small tub of Folgers coffee and a travel mug. The filters themselves last for about 100 gallons which is really quite a lot of water when you think about it and would cost a ton of money to buy bottled. New cartridges are available in packs from 1, 2, 3, 6, and 10 packs, costing about $16 for a single or about $10 each if you buy in multi-packs. I find the refills to be readily available wherever I shop.

There are a few downfalls to the Pur faucet filters. They do take up extra space in your sink aside from your faucet. Although it's not unbearable, I do find myself wishing it wasn't in the way at times. In addition, when you are diverting water through the filter, water does lose pressure somewhat and come out in a smaller stream. For most uses, this has little impact, but if you're trying to put a gallon in the fish tank or fill up a jug, it makes for a longer wait. A final downfall, and warning, is that this unit can not be used for hot water. Running any amount of hot water through the filter will cause it to stop working soon after and require a replacement filter. It's an easy mistake to make, unfortunately.

Overall, I stand by my assessment that I could not live without the product now that I've had it. My water tastes better than bottled now and I actually enjoy drinking it! My coffee tastes better, my fish are healthy, and I feel better about using sink water for cooking and watering plants. Considering everything that is in our water, that's a huge accomplishment for a small little unit at a minimal cost. Now offered in a stainless steel and brushed nickel option, it's not entirely unattractive.

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