Purdy Corp. 140100725 Pro-Extra Brushes

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Purdy Pro-Extra Paint Brushes. Quality Brushes That Helps the Amateur

Nov 19, 2009 (Updated Nov 19, 2009)
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Pros:Holds paint well. Easily controlled.
Good for all paints inside and out, Latex and oils

Cons:Nothing I could find

The Bottom Line: Purdy Paint Brushes are of good quality. The Pro-Extra is a fine tool that helps the average painter leave a finished job feeling like a pro.

It was a long time ago when I learned that a good quality finished paint job has as much to do with the brush used as the painter. In my younger years I painted with the least expensive brushes I could find. The work showed with awefull streaks due to my excessive brushing to try and get it right.

It was my wife an artist/painter that taught me at a young age the difference in quality and how a good brush could be controlled on canvas. She explained how the same pertained to brushes used for wall surfaces too.

I was recently part of a team doing a small project at my work place. It was a one day paint job. I said I would paint some of the trim and do some of the cutting. My partner in the project had purchased the supplies and I found this particular Purdy product, a 2 1/2" flat brush that could be used for trim.

Perdy happens to be a good brand that I have used many times. The Home Depot where I live on Long Island carries some of the line though I'm not sure it has this particular brush and style.

The details about this brush on Epinions states Bristles are a blend of 3 components. Nylon for softness and ease of paint flow, Chinex for faster clean up with self flagging tip, and polyester for stiffness retention. Extra length out and thickness of the filament provides extra wear and paint holding. 

I can tell you that the brush does indeed have a soft feel to it as I would cut close to trim without the use of masking tape. I prefer careful painting with a good brush along with my talent to having to take the time to mask most everything.

A few dips into the paint can and the brush loaded well. This brush does tend to sag a bit when completely full so if not a pro, don't load it up too much. I did do painting for a living for a couple-a-few years back in the Carter years when I had to do what I could while also playing Mr. Mom for my children when my wife taught in school. I digress. 

The flow of the paint was even and having Chinex fibers (a synthetic made to have characteristics of hair) in the brush I could get the feel of a natural brush but still be able to use it with water based latex. This brush can be used with any kind of paint, latex or oils. My day with this particular brush was with latex only but I have used similar products of Purdy with oil to my satisfaction.

This brush did work admirably for me that day even though I prefer a two inch slanted for cutting.

The handle of this brush is made of wood with a hole in it for hanging. The combination of nylon, poly, and Chinex makes for a well balance brush for most projects indoors and out, oil or latex. The ferrule that molds the brush to the handle is a stainless steel.

This brush cleans easily and should wear very well if maintained. I have a Purdy brush for a few years now. It's my special that I had in my pocket to use that day but this Purdy Pro-Extra stepped up to the plate. I can highly recommend this paint brush.

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