Quality Park Products Redi Seal Catalog Envelopes QUA43317 (50085227433171) Reviews

Quality Park Products Redi Seal Catalog Envelopes QUA43317 (50085227433171)

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Seal It Up & Send It Out With Quality Park's White Redi-Seal Catalog Envelopes

Mar 22, 2007
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Pros:One hundred per box, strong adhesive, bone white color.

Cons:No security or tamper evident markings.

The Bottom Line: The inexpensive but effective way to mail out catalogs and odd sized items.

Finding high quality envelopes for mailing out larger than normal items can be a real pain. They are either too heavy and add too much extra weight to the parcel or they are too thin and flimsy to protect the contents. The Redi-Seal Catalog Envelopes from Quality Park are a great pick if you want something that will protect your documents and contents but won't kill you when it comes to postage. So far I've only been able to find them in the 100 and 500 count boxes but that isn't a problem, these are something that get used on a regular basis at the shop; we go through a box in a couple of months so I don't mind forking out the cash for them when it comes time to reorder them. They are a great pick if you have to mail out odd sized things and don't want to fold them three or four times to get them to fix inside a #10 envelope.

Quality Park Redi-Seal White Catalog Envelopes

Most of the time we buy these types of envelopes in the manila style but the white ones are nicer if you are running them through a printer or a copier and want to add a design or artwork to it. The manila can really interfere with things that you print on it so the white ones are really nice if we want to add color to it. These are not the gummed ones that you have to wet in order for them to seal, just peel off the strip and press it on to the opposite side. Likewise, there is no metal prong to have to play around with, this is nice if you have things that you want to arrive in pristine shape. Some times the metal prong and fasteners will leave an indentation not only in the envelope but in what ever you slide into it.

These are flat envelopes so there is a limit as to what you can fit inside them without them getting a little bulky. The only time that this proves to be a huge issue is when you are running them through a postal machine. If we put more than five or six folded sheets inside one of these it causes the back sealed flap to puff out a little and then it jams when we slide it through our rather outdated and finicky postal machine. The post office has never complained about these no matter how thick they were so if we are mailing out things that we know will jam our machine, we take them to the post office and have them process them for us.

If you shop around you can find the one hundred count boxes for about fifteen dollars but most of the time you are going to come across these for about eighteen dollars for a box. If you have smaller office supply stores in your area, they might break the boxes up into smaller lots but you will end up paying more for them so if you think you will be able to use a hundred of them, it's better to just spring for a box of them and be done with it. The six and a half by nine and a half inch size is one of the most popular picks for mailing out smaller catalogs; the larger nine by twelve is great if you have thick ones but ours are only about seven pages at any given time so these are the ones that we go with.

About the only downside to these is that there is no way to tell if the envelope has been opened; this becomes a concern when we are shipping out free samples with the catalogs or pictures from events that we attended. You never know when someone is going to open mail that doesn't belong to them so I like to buy things that have some type of tamper protection to them. Once these are sealed it is hard to remove the flap and replace it without it being noticeable but I am sure there is a way to flatten out the flap. If you are concerned with mailing things out and having sensitive things inside them, consider something that has a bit more security to them.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the Quality Park products that we have purchased and used have been great; they are well made and packaged in strong boxes that don't fall apart after sitting on the shelf for a couple of weeks. When I priced other white catalog envelopes in this size they were about four dollars more a box so even if I have to pay the full eighteen dollars on a box of these, I am still saving money but not skimping on quality. These are completely white envelopes with no printed areas for an address or return address so make sure that you have a way to run them through a printer or have an alternate plan to get them addressed correctly.

As always, thanks for the visit…

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2007 Freak369

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