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Mildew, Be Gone

Dec 30, 2003 (Updated Dec 30, 2003)
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Pros:Excellent, dependable, product.


The Bottom Line: A well built durable product. This sprayer is the one for me from now on.

I use to purchase one, and sometimes two pump up sprayers a year until I purchased a RL FLO-MASTER sprayer. I had to purchase another RL FLO-MASTER this week. My old two year old RL FLO-MASTER was fine until it fell in my van and the pressure valve got broke. It is easier for me to purchase another RL FLO-MASTER, because time is money in my painting business.

I’m a self employed exterior & interior painter. I use a lot of these sprayers for bleaching mildew on houses. Preferable I use the two gallon size RL FLO-MASTER. I mix one quart of bleach to one and half gallons of water for the two gallon RL FLO-MASTER. Bleach can get into your eyes, so I always wear my goggles.
I like the durable brass wand on this pump up sprayer. The old plastic wands on the other brands I use to purchase just didn’t last.

When using bleach in my RL FLO-MASTER, it is best to clean the sprayer extremely well. Bleach will eat up the elements in any pump up sprayer if not cleaned out properly..

The RL FLO-MASTER is easy to assemble. Some of the features are, an automatic pressure relief valve for safety. When I’m not using my RL FLO-MASTER I will relieve all the pressure from the sprayer, if I leave some water in my sprayer. I like to leave enough water in the sprayer for the next job.

Some more features are, (1) heavy duty hose, (2) a durable brass wand, two brass nozzles: adjustable cone & flat fan pattern, (3) and a convenient carrying strap.

Here are some do nots with this type sprayer
(1) DO NOT alter sprayer

(2)DO NOT SPRAY gasoline or other flammables

(3) DO NOT leave sprayer in the sun

(4) WARNING To prevent ejected pump assembly and/or solution from striking and injuring you, never stand with face or body over the top of the tank when pumping or loosening pump.


(1) Remove the pump from the tank by turning counter clockwise.
(2) Prepare spray solution following instructions provided with the chemicals. For best results, mix in a separate container and strain through cloth sieve when pouring into tank. Do not fill tank above the maximum fill marker.
(3) Close tank by inserting pump assembly through opening. Turn clockwise until pump is sealed tightly into tank.
(4) When the sprayer is filled, 20-30 strokes on the pump should supply enough pressure for spraying.
(5) To start spraying, squeeze the flow control lever. Release pressure from the lever and the spray will stop.
(6) You can adjust your spray with your cone nozzle. Screw clockwise for a fine mist, and counterclockwise for a course stream.

You can also use this RL FLO-MASTER for insecticides, etc.

The RL FLO-MASTER has a five year limited warranty. That’s a great warranty for a pump up sprayer.

The RL FLO-MASTER is the only sprayer I will purchase from now on. I highly recommend this sprayer.

If you have any questions here is RL FLO-MASTERS e-mail address: mailto:service@rlflomaster.com

RL FLO-MASTERS Web site: http://www.rlflomaster.com

RL FLO-MASTER Has a toll free number you can call YEAR ROUND:
Monday-Friday 8 am to 7 pm ET


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